This story is about an only child names Vanessa Ryan. She just graduated high school and is going to a preforming arts school. Little does she know 5 hot guys are going there too, and they all fall for her right when they see her. Does she feel the same? Who will she pick? Does she still have feelings for her ex who is also attending that school? Read to find out what happens!


14. Narrowing it Down


Dance class ended and now I was on to lunch. Harry had the same lunch as me so we walked together. I liked him, there was something different about him I feel like. And I haven't even gone out on a date with him yet. But I like all the other boys too. Why does this have to be so hard? How about no more dates after Harry's. Yes. So sorry Zayn and Liam.

"How's your day been?" Harry asks me.

"Good! I haven't gotten lost yet thankfully. Yours?"

"Pretty good and same here! Hahaha." 

"So where are we going Saturday?" I ask.

"Russ Deli?" 

"Yes I've been wanting to go there!" I say.

"Ok good, oh look there's Zayn Rebecca Liam and Mikayla." Harry says. Mikayla was one of my other good friends here.

We walk over towards them and sit down. Liam and Zayn look jealous that Harry was walking with me. Pfft, this has gotten way too out of hand. They just need to calm down about me, there's literally nothing special about me.

I don't understand. I think I've narrowed it down to certain people though...

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