This story is about an only child names Vanessa Ryan. She just graduated high school and is going to a preforming arts school. Little does she know 5 hot guys are going there too, and they all fall for her right when they see her. Does she feel the same? Who will she pick? Does she still have feelings for her ex who is also attending that school? Read to find out what happens!


1. Intro

Hi. My name is Vanessa Ryan. I'm a singer, actress, and dancer. That's why I'm going to a school for performing arts. I'm leaving tomorrow and I'm so excited. Sadly the only person I know there is my ex. But I'm not gonna lie, I may have the tiniest feelings for him still. I'm hoping to meet some cute guys to help me get over him. I already met my roommate. Her name is Rebecca Judges. She's super pretty and really nice, and she doesn't know anyone either so I'm hoping we will be good friends.

I guess I should describe what I look like. I have light brown, wavy hair, hazel eyes, I'm always tan,I'm 5'6", I occasionally dress to impress, and that's pretty much it! I better get some sleep, I have to wake up at 6 in the morning and drive there! Luckily, since it's a very small school, freshmen can bring their cars.


"Bye mom. Bye dad. Love you! I'll call you once I get there!" I shout from my car window after a lot of tears from all three of us.

"Bye sweetie we love you!" my dad said because my mom was bawling her eyes out.

The car ride there was brutal. There was so much traffic, it was not very fun. I just sang to the radio though. 

"A-alive just the beat inside my soul. take me home wh-" my phone rang.


"Hey Vanessa! It's me Dylan!" Dylan is my ex boyfriend.

"Hey Dylan, what's up?" 

"Well, my car broke down while I was driving to the school, do you think you could pick me up? They took my car to the shop."

"Yeah sure where are you?" I ask.

He tells me where he is and I pick him up. This is gonna be an awkward car ride...

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