This story is about an only child names Vanessa Ryan. She just graduated high school and is going to a preforming arts school. Little does she know 5 hot guys are going there too, and they all fall for her right when they see her. Does she feel the same? Who will she pick? Does she still have feelings for her ex who is also attending that school? Read to find out what happens!


6. Dinner with Louis


I wonder where we are gonna go for our date. I hope he calls me soon, so I can know if it's fancy or not.

"A-alive, just the beat inside my soul, t-" my phone rang. I didn't know the number.

"Hello?" I say.

"Vanessa! It's Louis!" 

"Oh hey Louis, I was hoping you'd call." I say.

"Well we are going to this waterfront restaurant. It's pretty nice, so you can wear a sundress or something like that," he says.

"Ok! What time?" I ask.

"I'll pick you up at 6:30."

"Ok great! See you there!" 


I was all ready to go. I straightened my hair, put on some makeup, out on my floral sundress, and my brown sandals. I was ready to go and it was 6:20. I decided to wait outside my dorm for him.

There were some guys smoking out there, they were disgusting. They whistled at me, but I ignored it. Then I saw Louis pull up. I jump in the car.

"Wow," he says.

"What?" I ask.

"You look beautiful, not that you don't all the time, you just umm, you look really pretty," he says. I could tell he was nervous.

"Thanks Louis," I say. It was about a 10 minute drive. The restaurant was really pretty.

Louis and I talked about the same things that I talked about with Niall. We finished at 9:30. He drove me back to my dorm and walked me up to my room.

"Thanks so much Louis. I really had a lot of fun," I say.

"It was no problem, I really hope we can do it again soon," he says.

"Yeah, me too." I say. We caught each other staring into the other's eyes. Shit, should I kiss him? Oh what the fuck. I grab his face and kiss him. He pulls my by the waist. About 30 seconds later, I pull away. He was shocked, yet satisfied. I laugh.

"Bye Louis," I say and walk into my room.


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