This story is about an only child names Vanessa Ryan. She just graduated high school and is going to a preforming arts school. Little does she know 5 hot guys are going there too, and they all fall for her right when they see her. Does she feel the same? Who will she pick? Does she still have feelings for her ex who is also attending that school? Read to find out what happens!


4. Coffee with Niall


I got up around 9 that morning. Rebecca was still asleep so I decided to go to the coffee shop. It took me about 5 minutes to get there. I saw that Niall was there. He's so cute.


I saw Vanessa walk into the coffee shop. Alone. Maybe I should invite her to sit with me. She waved to me and I waved back. Once she got her coffee she came over to talk to me.

"Hey Niall!" she said with a smile.

"Hey Vanessa. What's up?" 

"Well Rebecca was still sleeping, and I usually wake up pretty early so I decided to come get some coffee. What about you?"

"Same thing actually. Harry sleeps in pretty late, and I'm more of a morning person." I say.

"Please sit down!" I insist.

"Thanks!" she says. We talk for a while. She's really cool. I can't wait to hear her sing. I can tell she's good. She definitely has a boyfriend. I want to ask her. Should I just come right out and ask?

"So Vanessa, umm the guys and I were wondering if umm you have a boyfriend." I say with pauses.

"Not really haha," she says. She saw the confused look on my face and explained.

"So if you find someone else, then you guys won't get back together?" I ask.

"That's correct." she says.

I look at the time and it's already 12!

"Wow! It's noon!" I say.

"Oh my gosh!" she says. "Well I should probably get going, but this was really fun! We should definitely do this again sometime. Here let me give you my number, and you can put yours in my phone," she says. She writes down her number(because I didn't have my phone with me) and I put mine in her phone. The guys are gonna be so jealous. She hugs me and says goodbye.

On my walk home, I was thinking about this Dylan guy. I've definitely heard of him before. I can't think of where though.

Oh that's right! He's Zayn's roommate! He's cool. 

I finally get back to my room and walk in. All the guys were there watching TV.

"Where have you been?" Harry asks.

"At the coffee shop," I say.

"By yourself?" Zayn asks.

"No, with Vanessa." They all look shocked.

"Are you serious?!" Liam asks.

"Yeah, see I even got her number," I show them. They all quiet down and go back to watching TV. I could tell they were jealous.

"Oh and one more thing. Zayn, you know your roommate?" I ask. He nods.

"Well that's her ex, and they might get back together unless somebody changes her mind," I say.

"I call going on a date with her next!" Harry says. We all laugh. I couldn't stop thinking about her.

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