I know that I have done wrong and continue to do so but without remorse.
I know that I am on a fast path to the grave and im headed there alone.
I struggle to find myself this time,
Save yourself for a man with a conscience.
I try to find myself this time
Save yourself, for a man that isn't me!
I spend my days looking through pages,
Trying to find a way to get away from me.
With a love to give that leaves you breathless.
Now all I need to find a way back inside my minds
I don't want to leave you breathless


2. ~Reagan Nicole O'Connor~

Hello there love, my name is Reagan O'Connor, but everyone mostly calls me Re for short. 
I came into this world 19 years ago on September 17. I'm a nice and funny soul. I have a sister named Arabella. I can be a bitch and mental when I have to be. Sometimes I say things I don't mean by accident. I have anger issues. I'm very protective of my friends and family. I'm going to college for music and singing. 
 I work at a club which I sing at. 
 I have 4 tattoos.

 I like Harry, but he's a player and does anything to get attention from anyone even if it means hurting them. Harry and I strangely get along very well, even though we re completely different.  
He sleeps around while having a girlfriend named Taylor Swift. He tries to get in my pants and I always reject him. When I reject him he gets aggravated and starts yelling and gets really mad.

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