I know that I have done wrong and continue to do so but without remorse.
I know that I am on a fast path to the grave and im headed there alone.
I struggle to find myself this time,
Save yourself for a man with a conscience.
I try to find myself this time
Save yourself, for a man that isn't me!
I spend my days looking through pages,
Trying to find a way to get away from me.
With a love to give that leaves you breathless.
Now all I need to find a way back inside my minds
I don't want to leave you breathless


3. ~Chapter One~

Reagan's Point Of View:)
"Arabella, he did it again. Harry slept with another girl. It really sickens me anymore. It's the 7th girl this week." I sigh looking at her.
She sighs
"I know Re. I don't know what's up with him." She picks at my pillow in my room. 
"It upsets me." 
"I know it does. It makes me cringe at how unfaithful he is to Taylor. She was so kind when I met her."
"I know, I told him to stop. Yesterday he tried to get in my pants..." 
She sits up in shock. "He what?" She yelled.
"Yeah.... He used to do it every other week, but it's been every day for the past month now." 
"Oh my God. I didn't know Reagan. Why didn't you tell me sooner?" She asks. "I could have had Louis talk to him or something."
"He already flipped out on me twice this week, and then apologized by giving me a necklace and a flower." I say.
Arabella raises an eyebrow. "I think he's bipolar." She says. "You accepted his apologies didn't you?"
"Yeah.... I didn't want to make things worse."
"You think not talking to him for a while would make it worse?" She asks. "I think it would get the point across that he went too far, way too far."
"I think he would be devastated." 
"Maybe that's what he needs though." She sighs . "You can't let him do that Reagan."
"Just wait he'll get worried. I won't answer my phone at all today." 
She nods. "Should I mention this talk with Lou? Or is it between me an you?"
"Let's keep it between the two of us, if it gets worse ill let Louis know." 
"Alright. But if this gets any worse, I am going to tell him."
"Alright. Sounds fair. I have feelings for Harry though. Arabella." 
She puts a hand on my leg. "I know, and it tears me apart seeing you Like this. I don't know what to do about it though."
"There's nothing to do about it, but watch and let him throw away his life like its nothing." 
"I think I should call a therapist for Hazza." She says.
"I think we should." I say. 
"I'll call one later. What's making him do this?" 
"I don't know but he's a sexaholic." I state.
She sighs but then laughs.
"I wonder if he's good."
"Why don't you go and find out I'm sure it's that easy." I say putting my face in a pillow. 
She giggles and pats my head. "I'm never going to ever do that to you babe." She states.

Ring.....Ring....Ring.... My phone starts ringing.

Arabella raises an eyebrow. "Who is it? Don't answer if it's Hazza."
"If I don't answer he'll keep calling." 
"Oh well." She says and grabs my  phone and declines the call. "Now, if they come over later, say we fell asleep or something if he asks."
"Alright. I'm confronting him today though." I say.
She nods. "Way to grow a pair of balls babe."
"Shut up." I smile. 
She laughs. "So you like Hazza, huh?"
"Yeah, very much." 
"Even though he's acting like this. I think he's a good guy." She smiles. "I'm good being a single pringle"
I raise an eyebrow.
"I see something up with you and Louis though." 
"Louis and I?" She questions.
"You guys flirt like crazy." 
"That's just who I am Re. It's fun to mess around with him because he'll do it right back." She shakes her head. "And he just broke up with Eleanor a month ago. He has absolutely no feelings for me. Nor do I for him."
"Whatever." She says, pushing me off the bed. Or at least trying to. "Why won't you move!" She laughs.
"Because I'm fat, that's why."
She gasps. "Reagan Nicole! You are not fat!"
"Yes I am." I smile. 

There's a knock at the door.
She laughs. "Alright, let's get off of our fat asses and see who's at the door."
"Fine." I smile we walk over to the door. 
"Who is it?" Arabella asks.
"Umm it's me." A Husky voice says. 
Arabella looks at me and then opens the door. "Hey Harry." She say hugging him quickly. "I'm just gonna go... So bye!" She says, quickly running out of my flat. "Text me later!" She yells down the hall.
"Alright I will." I yell back and then turn to Harry. 

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