Baby Payne

Summah Leigh Payne.
Sister of Liam James Payne!
Falls in love with one of them...
It's is a story of fake friends, hate, friendship
But most importantly
Of love


1. Chapter One

*Summah's P.O.V*


"Mum, what's the time" I said, shaking her arm. "Summah Leigh Payne if you ask one more time I will tell Liam to cancel" my mum joked. But It shut me up. "Sorry, okay what time are they coming" I said, she shook her head and carried on vacuuming. I guess she wasn't answering?

I went up the stairs, tripping on the way and looking around Incase she noticed. She didnt. 

There was going to be eight of us, so two in my room and three in Liam's... I wonder what the lads will be like? I sat down. Aimlessly on my bed staring at the wall..... Until I heard the door slam and voices. Omg!

"hey,  I've missed you so much, hi boys" my mum said, probably smiling. They greeted her. "Where's Summah" Liams voice rang up the stairs, my mum obviously told him as he bounced into my room smiling his head off.

"BABY PAYNE" He shouted, hugging me. I embraced him. Squeezing him into a g. "Guys, this is Summah, she's sixteen" Liam said, smiling proudly as the lads waved. 

"Hey"  they said smiling. "Summah boys boys Summah" Liam said laughing, "Bagsi in Summah's room" Niall shouted tossi his backpack down on the first bed next to mine, "and me" harry shouted. Laughing, "what about me" Liam pouted. "I love you, but it's a bit weird sharing a room with my brother" he shuddered. Laughing, 

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