Liam Payne had what seemed to be the perfect life. When his parents split up and he is forced to move away with his mom to London, he runs into people who surprise him. Meeting Niall Horan was the best thing that ever happened to him. He never thought he would fall in love with Niall, the deaf kid


19. Yellow





Liam is BOLD


Niall is ITALLIC




-Liam’s POV-


Running away was never what I wanted, I never wanted to hurt Niall. He was the last thing I wanted to hurt. That’s why I came back, I miraculously found a coffee shop with a nice woman who told me the way back into London. She told me how to get home to Niall. The second I got home all I wanted to do was get to Niall and tell him how I feel about him. During the time away I finally realized why I felt so close with Niall, why every time I touched him I felt sparks soar through my arm or leg. It explained why I had the bazaar urge to kiss him on his plump lips. Why I dreamt of being in Niall’s arms the entire time I was away. That’s why I had to come home, not because I sorted out my differences with my mom and Zayn, no because of Niall. The second my lips touched his I knew it was right. It was almost like electricity running through us as our lips moved together. I got butterflies that erupted and flew every which way in my stomach. I was shocked when my mom walked in, I don’t think Niall had noticed, but my mom was bleeding above her eye. Then when she told me about Niall’s father, I knew he was the reason she was bleeding. After I told Niall what had happened we both jumped up and ran out of the door. My mom was back in the kitchen, I could hear shouting and it wasn’t Zayn’s father either. I walked in with Niall on my heels brushing back the heavy door separating the kitchen from the living room to see a tall man looming over my mom. He had his fists clenched and his teen barred. My mom looked frightened, her head was bleeding more than before and she had a big pot held in front of her body to protect her. I felt rage burn through my veins at the sight laid out before me. I growled and jumped into the room.


“Liam!” My mom shouted once she saw me. Niall’s dad had turned and saw me jump in front of my mom. She had the most fearful face I had ever seen. I hear a growl come from in front of me. I whipped my head around to find Niall’s father looking straight at Niall with pure hatred written clearly across his face. Niall looked just as scared, he was shaking but he wouldn’t move. Everything happened so fast, before I knew it Niall was being pinned to the ground and punched by his father. I heard a whimper escape Niall as Bobby’s fist collided with his jaw. My eyes widened at the picture in front of me. Niall was on the floor with Bobby on top of him hitting him in the face, stomach, anywhere he could. I stood there just watching him before my body reacted.


“Liam! No!” My mom shouted once I was able to unglue myself from the spot I had come into. I ran over to the people on the floor, I used all my force to push Bobby off of Niall. He fell to the side with a groan, when he finally focused again his eyes were burning with hate and anger. He lunged at me pushing me to the floor. All his weight was pushed onto my stomach, I could feel his knee stabbing into my gut. I winced at the pain.


“So you’re the fag’s new boyfriend eh?” He said spitting onto my face. I flinched and tried to push him off. He moved a hand around my neck, he wrapped his long, gross fingers around my neck and began to strangle me. My air was cut off, I could feel my face getting red and heated from the loss of oxygen. My eyes were tearing up, all I could see was Bobby’s horrid face looking down at me with a smirk. I tried to pry my hands up, but I quickly found he had placed his knees on both hands. I was stuck, I couldn’t move or escape from his hold. His hand was getting tighter and tighter around my neck. It was starting to burn in my lungs, I could see black spots in my vision. I was about to give up and allow myself to just go when I felt something jolt and all the weight on top of me was gone. I tried to turn my head, but my neck was swollen and hurt with every move. I shut my eyes for a second before I felt a soft hand slip into my limp one. My eyes shot open at the shocks of electricity that coursed through me from the single touch. That could only be one person. Niall.


-Niall’s POV-


He was going to die for me, I could see it in his eyes as my father, no. He isn’t my father anymore. As Bobby was strangling him. I didn’t know what to do, my face was throbbing from the punches I had received moments before, and then I felt someone brush past me. I turned to see a girl in the doorway eyes wide and scared. I had seen her before, but I didn’t know who she was. I turned back to find Bobby on the floor with Zayn on top of him punching him repeatedly in the face. Why was he helping us? He hated me and he knew that Liam liked me. So he hated Liam as well. Zayn looked up for half a second and bobby took his chance. Jumping up from under Zayn and running to the living room. He stopped in front of the fireplace where Karen must have been sitting and enjoying the fire before all hell broke loose. He turned and eyed the fire then back to me who was still standing in the doorway to the kitchen.


“Fuck this. The world will be much better without you fags around. Niall if I ever see you again you will be dead.” He growled at me. I nodded reading his lips clearly. I was shocked he spoke slowly enough for me to understand. That rarely ever happened. He turned and grabbed the closest thing to him, the pillow. He placed it in the fire allowing it to set fire then threw it straight at me. I flinched as the burning material made contact with my arm. My arm burned from the touch. I let out a wail as the pillow fell to the ground and caught the carpet on fire. Everything was burning in front of me. The entire house was now in flames. I began to cough as the dust and smoke burned into my lungs. My arm was throbbing from the fresh burn wound on my arm. The last thing I remember is Bobby running to Zayn and hitting him with an object I couldn’t make out. Then the whole world descended into blackness. Swallowed up by the black hole of unconsciousness.

[A/N Sorry its short but yeah... updates will hopefully be quick. I need to write more now... *sigh* work... okay now I will go write BY Y'ALL!]

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