The way I am

Its all fun and game until... It's not
When you have no life left no parents no possession no one that loves you what do you do.


4. Chapter 4

My first memory of Dane was him throwing my science project out the window.                            My first memory of Kyle was him laughing when Dane through my science project out the window.

My second memory of Dane was him being arrested in my kitchen for assault and vandalism (he beat up his girlfriend then got a can of spray paint and drew a picture of it then he signed it police put 2 and 2 together)

My second memory of Kyle was him yelling at my mum because she didn't have any money to bail Dane out  

My mother was a whore and that coming from her own daughter.

I always tried in school. Though I never had any friends people thought I was a freak I think it was because I was in hospital so much as a kid then foster care then some genius in the office leaked that I was a rape victim it all adds up you know, not to mention people though I was violent because I always had bruises up my arms and legs and sometimes my back when in truth I had those thing because I refused to fight violence with violence.

Then Dane transferred to my school.

He was popular, out spoken all the qualities you look for in a leader if I didn't know his true side I'd be among the girls that fell at his feet too. But I did. One girl asked him out to her senior prom and Dane being only in year 9 this was an honour even to a thug like him. Later that night I heard him talking to his friend on the phone called her a pice of dirt, said he was going to do her and throw her and spit in her face. I imagined this poor girl screaming for help begging like I had with Carl. The humiliation she would suffer because of it.

I knew I had to do something. So I told her not to go I said that It would be the worst thing she ever did, I said she'd be ruined by the time he was done. Fortunately girl had too much self worth backed out citing the excuse she didn't feel it was right taking a year 9 to a senior prom. Later on after she spilled her guts to Dane best friend chase over 3 rounds of tequila shot.

Chase told Dane and Dane beat me up and back to the ER with a concussion and a fractured leg (I should have my own parking space)

I swore never to mess with him again obviously not true but I got a friend. The girl he was going to 'do' heard how he beat me up for helping her and then how he did exactly what I told her he was going to do to her sister the new prom date. I Anna Baker the reject, the victim had a friend...








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