Storm forever cursed?

Storms had bad luck ever since the day his mother gave birth to him in a strong thunder storm. But, will he ever have a life where he will be no longer cursed?


11. Zoe's cousin


Later on that day Zoe came in, with a little girl. It was her cousin, Katie. Katie was four, and had always wanted to ride a horse like me. 

Katie slowly walked up to me. I stood still. She put her hand out and I sniffed it, then in the other hand she gave me a carrot. She stroked me and i nuzzled her. Zoe and Katie giggled. Then Zoe spoke to me.

"Storm, this is Katie. I know you don't like other people riding you, but she really wants to. I'm going to lead you and she will just sit on your back, alright?". I nodded. Katie giggled and ran off to get my tack. Zoe hugged me and stroked me and told me to be a good boy. Zoe tacked me up, then lifted Katie on. I wobbled a bit, then Zoe calmed me. then we went for a walk and it was really fun!

Later on Katie had to go home. She hugged me and got in the car. Zoe took me back to my stable. I went to sleep quickly, I was so tired after all that excitement.

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