Storm forever cursed?

Storms had bad luck ever since the day his mother gave birth to him in a strong thunder storm. But, will he ever have a life where he will be no longer cursed?


3. Survival problems

It was hard to survive. But I did, and that's all that matters. Right?


It was morning. I was desperately hungry. I was still lonely. I walked out, to try and find something to drink. I found a little stream, it had water flowing down it. Dirty water. But I wanted to live, so I drank and drank until I didn't feel thirsty anymore. I closed my eyes, and dipped my face in the water.  It was refreshing. I looked at my coat. It was black, and I had red patches where my mothers blood had dried and had not been licked off. I lied down in the water and rolled about, cleaning the blood off me. Then a truck came along. I thought it was good news. I walked up to the truck. have they came to save me? Then another truck came along.

Two things got out each truck. They weren't horses. They had legs, but only two of them. They had things hanging down the side of their body too. They had a mouth, nose and eyes. And ears, but they were at the side of their heads? maybe they were deformed horses . . .

No they can't be deformed horses! Horses don't have these 'arms'. I think that is what they are called. Then i realized. They are definitely not horses. They are humans!

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