Never Ending night

"Im tired Harry!! Cant you see that!!". He let more tears escape his eyes "so what does this mean?". I cursed my self for what was happening "I..I cant do this". I was a secret a dark evil little secret never talked about during the day I was in his was world of never ending night.


10. please wake me up

I felt the sun beaming down on me. I yawned and strecthed noticing my pillow was hard. I wiped my eyes and looked up. Harry lay there shirtless smiling back down at me. "Morning", he chuckled removing stray strands of hair "You mean afternoon". I rolled over resting on my back "what time is it?", "Almost twelve", he said sitting up. I did the same "How lond have you been up?", "since 10", "Why didnt you wake me?", "Because you are so perfect when you sleep, I couldnt take my eyes off of you". I chuckled getting up "Creepy much?". He smiled getting up "But you love it". He kissed my forehead and went downstairs. I started to make up the bed, but something caught my eye. I hadnt taken the ring off and to be honest I never wanted to. It was so beautiful. I headed to the bathroom running my water far a nice cool shower it was a little warm out today. So I settled for some jean cut off shorts, a white fringe button up shirt, and my harley sandles. I carefully placed my ring ontop of my clothes. As I stepped into the shower I had a thought, where was Harry`s wedding band, I wonder if he even had one, of course he couldnt wear it in public because that would raise some serious question, but I would love if he wore it when he was with me. Id ask him maybe he could wear it on a different finger or on a chain hidden. I dried off putting on my ring first then my clothes. I let my hair fall in tight wave around my shoulders. I didnt feel like washing it today, cause then Id have to deel with tight curls. "Harry?", I called heading down the stairs. I wish I would have kept quiet, two pairs of eyes turned to me, and those crystal blue eyes, frightened me for some reason. Harry instantly moved over to me, I dont know why but I hid a little ways behind him. Louis looked like a deer caught in headlights "So it is true!?". He looked down at the magazine in his hands, then back to us, he was trying to process it all. I looked up at Harry who had been studying my face, he was trying to see how I would react. He took my hand and lead me to the loveseat across from where Louis was sitting. "Can I see?", I extended my hand towards Louis, he nodded handing it to me but he looked at me as if I he couldnt believe I was really there. I looked at the cover, and swallowed loudly, might I add. I could feel both Harry and Louis eyes on me. The cover read "Harry styles secret love", there was a picture of Harry walking out of our flat and one of me walking in. You couldnt really see my face clearly, I wouldnt even know it was me if it wasnt for my hair and the outfit, I remembered this though it was the other day when I thought I heard a flash, but I didnt think anything of it. I opened the magazine finding the article of me and Harry. I read it over it mostly explaining how Harry was never seen leaving with the mystery girl at the same time. How he was seen leaving Gavaldi`s  custom Jewelry store, two days ago. Then there was some bull saying an insider said we met through a mutual friend and that we were both in a cheating scandal, how I was a mystery because I had a boyfriend. That after only knowing each other for four months, we had moved into the same building whether together or not that was unknown. There were a couple of pictures of me and Harry but you could never clearly see my face, but one picture stood out. It was me kissing Stefan`s cheek, my eyes were closed so you couldnt see me and it was dark, giving the picture a terrible qualitly. I had never seen this picture before, It was taken the night I found Stefan cheating on prom night. The night I met Harry. Under the picture it read 'mystery girl and long time boyfriend, they seem very in love". The only good that came from this that my name was not told and no information, but it wouldnt be long until someone realized who stefan was and link him to me. "How did this?", I looked up at Harry. He shrugged looking a bit perturbed "Im not sure, I didnt even know that they were watching us, we were careful". "How did you know it was me?", I asked Louis. "It kinda just clicked and your hair and clothes gave it away", "And do they know, have they seen this?". He shook his head no "I took it and came straight here, um paul told me were Harry lived", he answered my question, before I could ask. I huffed feeling completely guilty for keeping it a secret I like louis. Harry grabbed my hand in his and kissed my hair "It will be ok". "What the actual fuck Harry??!!", Louis was standing a bit shocked "YOUR ENGAGED?". He pointed to the ring stunned, I cursed myself for not taking it off before, but then again, I wasnt exspecting company. Harry looked frome me to louis and back to me, I shook my head no, oh please harry dont, I prayed he wouldnt but he did. "Umm no, we umm we got married". I sighed defeated and brought my right hand to my forehead. This could not be happening. "What?", he said lowering his voice he sat down abruptly before looking back to harry "Is she pregnant?", he whispered. "What no!", I gasped, that was apalling, I wasnt even 20 yet. He sighed in relief but then doubt crossed him "Zayn is going to be crushed". "Harry you know this is going to be hard to keep a secret, think about the fans, us, the band, Zayn, management, the paps, gosh Harry were you not going to tell us!! They are going to tear her apart! Obviously its going to come out and you and I both know how they are going to portray her, when they find out what happened this summer, gosh Harry and think about what you told all of us gosh this is one big mess!!. They are going to find out about Stefan and the baby, and Jaynie and Leesa, Zayn, and the fact that you slept with her little sister, this isnt going to end well". He was right my stomach dropped and I turned cold, I felt sick, I hadnt thought about all of that. My palms started to sweat. We sat there in complete silence for a while before I spoke "He is right". They both turned their attention to me "Harry maybe..maybe we did rush into this?". Harry jumped up standing right infront of me taking both of my hands in his massive ones "No dont start this, Think about last night, how perfect that was, how happy we were, What you said to me, how it made me feel, Please". I looked down "But.. when they find..out-". He cut me of lifting my face up to meet his "I just got you back im not ready to let you go, im not going to let you go". I nodded letting a tear slip down which he quickly wiped away. He pecked my lips pulling away, I grabbed his neck pulling him back and kissing him longer til, I felt satisfied and safe like everything would be ok. He pulled away smiling pecking me on the forehead "Its going to be ok". I nodded turning back to Louis, he ignored me looking at harry "You really love her?". Harry nodded "Yes Lou, I do, she is my wife, I married her". He sighed "And what about Zayn?", but he was talking to me when he said that "Did you just forget everything that Harry did to you ?, Did you forget that Zayn was there for you? Do you not love him anymore?". I wasnt sure how to answer him, of course I knew all of those answers. I just didnt want to answer them, not with Harry, My husband right here, who grabbed my hand reminding me that he was here and to be weary of what I said. "No I havent forgotten what Harry did to me, sometimes it hurts me just to think about it. And no I havent forgotten about Zayn, I think about him often just wondering if he is alright, and even though I married Harry, yes I still love Zayn", I looked Louis in the eye the whole time. For one of two reason because he asked, and I couldnt say it if I looked at Harry`s face. But I didnt have to, to know Harry wasnt Happy, He dropped my hand turning away from me, anger and sadness showed, I wanted so badly to embrace him, but I know he needs time. Lou looked from me to Harry "And yet you love Zayn, how could you do that to him, how could you marry his best mate, how could you leave Zayn!! Do you have any Idea how much he is hurting?!", his voice was slightly raised. My voice rose too "I love Harry too, So dont act like you really Know me Louis. Zayn left me! He broke me ok? You have know Idea what he said to me after we..after we.He broke me Louis so why should he be hurting, when he doesnt care?", my voice broke, and I sat defeated. Louis stood from me to Harry now angry,but his anger wasnt towards me it was for Harry "You havent told her? HAVE YOU?!!". Harry stood looking from me to Lou "I..I". Louis scoffed "You Harry need to get you priority`s straight". Louis walked to the door looking back over to me "Zayn still loves you Jess, Harry just hasnt been telling you the truth, he has got you brain washed, and trapped", he pointed to the ring, before walking out the door.


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