Never Ending night

"Im tired Harry!! Cant you see that!!". He let more tears escape his eyes "so what does this mean?". I cursed my self for what was happening "I..I cant do this". I was a secret a dark evil little secret never talked about during the day I was in his was world of never ending night.


15. Can we not speak of this now

"That's how you're going to greet me after all of this time?", I stepped by letting my brother in. I shut the door and ran to his arms hugging him "Sorry, I'm just shocked to see you, how did you find me?", he gave me a smirk. He held up about five different magazines "Your face is on everyone". My eyes widened I was mortified, I snatched them out of his hands. He was right my face was on everyone, but luckily none with Harry, the were just old and some recent photos submitted, and some of me shopping these last couple of days. The mags were saying stuff like rumored lover of Harry styles, secret affair with Harry, I guess they hadn't searched quite far enough to realize Stefan was no longer in the equation. "This is such bull!", I roared throwing them down. I sat my brother doing the same "So you aren't dating Harry styles, cause if not that's not what mum said?", I sat up " You've talked to mum?". He nodded "yea, I just left actually, we are staying here for a bit", "Why did you come back?". He smiled at me "Melonie is pregnant". I took him in a warm embrace "Oh im so happy for you congratulations". We continued to talk more about him and the baby, what he has been doing these past couple of years. Our conversation flowed easily almost as if he never left I really had missed my brother, and I was glad he was back at a time like this. "So what's really going on Jess, with Harry I mean?", I sighed I had to tell him anyway "Its complicated". He looked at me lovingly "Life is never easy". "Just don't judge me ok, Yes Im dating Harry well actually we got married, but its not so well right now, I left him, and I gave the ring back", I said in a sad tone. My brothers eyes stretched wide "Jess!! how could you not tell us?? how could you be so irresponsible?? What were you thinking??". "Calm down ok!! I was going to tell, just in the right time, well actually we weren't going to we, were going to just have a real wedding in like a year, after all that's happened blew over, and to be honest I wasn't thinking I just thought I was in love". My brother calmed "so why did you leave, what's so bad that you couldn't tell your family about him?". I closed my eyes letting the words flow from my mouth. I told him everything. About Zayn, about Jaynie, Stefan, about the lies he told about, how much he hurt me, how I loved zany and Harry, how zany left me, how harry proposed, I told everything every single detail, even about him sleeping with Scarlett before we met. I opened my eyes after a few seconds my brother was fuming, livid he really was as red as a tomato which was hard to manage with his olive complexion. "Who the Fuck does this asshole think he is???", he raged. "You said you wouldn't judge!" I protested. "How can I not this dick had sex with both of my sisters, hurt you and-", their was a ring on the door then a knock, who else could that be, I just hoped it was El. "Hold that", I told my brother as I went for the door. Again like the idiot I am I opened the door without looking. There Harry stood, Hair a mess, with his tousled curls, a dark blue shirt hanging loosely from his chest and a pair of dark jeans. I tried to shut the door before he could say anything but he stopped it with his foot "Jess please just let me apologize and explain myself", "Harry this isn't a good time". "Please Jess, Im-". he persisted "Who is it?", my brothers deep voice rasped. Of course Harry not knowing the voice his face flushed with anger as he jumped to conclusions "So that's why-". "Can we not speak of this now!", I hissed my voice serious with authority. I felt the door being pulled open and my brother towering beside me so he could get a good view. Harry`s face flushed, at the sight of my brother, "Who is this?, Harry asked trying to show no emotion. I frowned stepping aside "Jason, this is Harry, Harry this is my brother Jason". Before I could think my brother Had balled his fist and punched Harry square in the face "Dick!", he yelled, as realization crossed his face. I gasped as I saw Harry hunched over in pain clutching his nose! "Jason!", I shrieked as I rushed to Harry. I moved his hand revealing blood streaming from his nose. I brought him over to the couch laying his head back, and ran to the kitchen to grab a wet rag to help with the bleeding. I moved his hand replacing it with the rag and holding it there. Harry closed his eyes at the contact releasing a grunt. I looked at my brother with shock "What the Hell Jason??"

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