The Caliente Affairs, Volume One

Meet Dina and Nina Caliente, twenty-something identical twin sisters who have moved back to their little hometown of Pleasantview. Not everyone in town is happy to see the twins back, and it's not long before the two are causing trouble and uprooting everybody's pleasant life.


6. Scared Straight

It was the day of the Halloween Ball, and Dirk had especially been looking forward to it. With Lilith not going, he got the chance to take his other good friend, Holly. As a costume, he put on an eye-mask to conceal his identity from the other guests!
“So, babe, how will I know it’s you at the ball?” Dirk charmed Holly over the phone.
“I’ll be the most beautiful girl there, of course – in a silky red dress.” Holly purred.
“Nice, is that the same dress you wore on our first date?”
“Well, I remember you said how much you liked it on me.”
“I bet it looks good off you too.” Dirk said, getting excited about seeing Holly once again.
“Oh, Dirk!” Holly giggled. Someone else was shouting Dirk too, it was his dad.
“DIRK! Can you please get off the phone, I need to use it.” Darren yelled from upstairs.
“OKAY! Holly, I gotta go. I will see you later!” Dirk hung up the phone, not bothering to wait for her goodbye. He liked her, but she wasn’t much for having conversations with. But he knew a great way of keeping her lips busy! Darren came downstairs and rushed to the free phone. He dialled his fiancée’s house and waited for her to answer.
“Hello!” Cassandra said, just getting ready to shower and change into her Halloween costume.
“Hey! You nearly ready?”
“No. Swing by to pick me up in about an hour, I’ve got to phone my dad first.”
“Is he going too?”
“He didn’t sound the healthiest when he stopped by the other day, so I was gonna see if he wanted me to drop off Alex so he doesn’t have to stay.”
“Okay then, I’ll see you around five!”
“Perfect! Love you!” Cassandra said.
“Love you too!” Darren replied.
Cassandra dialled out and waited for someone at the Caliente house to answer, hoping it wouldn’t be Dina.
“Hello?” Mortimer asked.
“Dad, it’s me!” Cassandra said.
“Oh Hello! To what do I owe the honour of this call?” Mortimer joked.
“Dad! I just saw you the other day, if you’re missing me, you know I’m always happy to have you and Alex over.” Cassandra said, purposefully leaving out the names of any other people involved in Mortimer’s life.
“I’m fine, just always happy to hear your voice. How are things with you and Darren?”
“Wonderful! We’re going to the ball tonight - all three of us!” Cassandra added. She had informed her father of the initial icy reception she got from Dirk at the beginning of her relationship with Darren. “That’s why I’m phoning, actually. Are you going?”
“No, I’m just chauffeuring the girls and Alex because Don’s working.”
“I can’t believe you live with my ex-fiancé! It’s so weird, isn’t it weird?” Cassandra asked.
“Not really, I just try and forget the past.”
“That sounds like you!” Cassandra said, subtly referring to the disappearance of her mother.
“So, why were you calling?” Mortimer asked.
“Well, if you wanted an early night, we don’t mind dropping Alex off when the party’s over.”
“That’d be nice of you. And the girls, too?” Cassandra bit her tongue, as she begrudgingly agreed.
“Sure, dad! As long as it means you don’t have to be driving around all night.” Mortimer thanked his daughter and they both said their goodbyes.
“That was Cassandra, she says she and Darren will bring you, Nina, and Alex back here after the party’s over.” Mortimer told Dina, as she passed him on the stairs.
“That was uncharacteristically nice of her!” Dina said to her sister, who was sat on the sofa in the main room.
“Maybe she wants a clean slate for the New Year?” Nina suggested, scooching over to make a space for Dina to sit.
“Oh sure! She’s going to forgive the woman young enough to be her sister for marrying her dad and moving him out of their house. Oh, and also call it even with the girl who stole her teenage sweetheart away from her... If she wants a clean slate by January, she’s going to have scrub pretty hard!” Dina remarked.
“Well, I’ve never been mean to her.” Nina added.
“Oh, of course not!” Dina sarcastically remarked.
“She broke it off with Don, remember.”
“Yeah, because of his affair with you!”
“Look, I don’t want to get into this conversation again. I’ve got to go get ready – especially if you plan on hogging the bathroom as long as you did this morning! What were you doing in there, anyway?” Nina asked.
Dina hesitated before answering, “Just what I do everyday. Being this beautiful isn’t easy work!”
“You spent almost two hours just getting ready? You don’t look much different than usual.”
“I... it was a long bath, I needed a nice clean slate to work on.” Dina joked, as Nina walked off to get ready for the Halloween Party.


Mary-Sue was the first to enter City Hall, and she surveyed her Halloween setting with a critical eye. It had been decorated very elaborately by the staff. Sheets of red and orange crape-paper hung from the walls; a buffet of food stood next to a bubbling cauldron (presumably full of punch, though Mary-Sue hesitated to confirm), and two giant inflatables positioned nearby: a black cat, and a grinning jack-o’-lantern - certainly nothing like she had imagined, given how she last saw the bare hall. There were tables, chairs, and sofas around the edge of the room, with the floor in the centre having been cleared in anticipation of dancing. But in her rush, Mary-Sue had overlooked hiring a deejay, so she went to find the staff, hoping they could play music through the P.A. system. The mayor, who Mary-Sue had spoken to at work, explained that he found community gatherings to be something of a rarity amongst towns these days. It was a key factor in making Pleasantview so pleasant to live in! Darren, Cassandra, and Dirk thought they were the first family to arrive. However, someone in a silky red dress had already slipped quietly into the hall. And Dirk knew exactly who that someone was...
“Do you know who that is?” Cassandra asked Darren, who had broke out into a dance when music suddenly echoed around the hall.
“I assume it’s Strawberry.” Darren grabbed a puzzled looking Cassandra and dipped her. “Dirk’s flavour of the week!” Darren laughed.
“Does he really think it’s wise to meet up with his flavour of the week at a party hosted by the mother of his girlfriend?”
“I’m sure whatever Dirk does, he can handle it.” Darren reassured Cassandra, as the two continued dancing. Across the hall, Dina and Nina arrived. They had opted for formal wear rather than costume. Upon seeing her estranged new family, Cassandra felt foolish for showing up in a Rocky Horror-esque costume. But her thoughts were pushed aside when she saw Alex entering with his date, Meadow.
“Do you want me to go get you a drink?” Cassandra casually asked.
“Okay. Only if you promise to leave Alex and his date alone.”
“I wasn’t even going to go anywhere near them.”
“You liar!” Darren laughed.
“It’s just, I can’t keep my eyes off of them, they’re so cute together. I’m glad Alex has found one girl that he likes.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Darren asked, feeling a slight dig at Dirk was being inferred.
“I mean, I’m just glad he’s not like some of the other young boys in this town!” Cassandra added, leaving Darren knowing exactly who she meant. She couldn’t help staring at her brother on his first date. She smiled from ear to ear, as she went to get Darren and herself a drink. Alexander grimaced as he caught sight of his sister – he hated being studied like one of his dad’s old lab rats. He panicked, and wondered if Don had told her what he’d confided in him about... Don’t be silly, even if those two were on speaking terms, it wouldn’t be about you, Alex reassured himself, brushing off his worries and trying to enjoy his date with Meadow.
“People are gonna be so jealous of me! You look even more amazing than before.” Meadow said whilst she and Alex danced.
“I could say the same about you!” Alex smiled and took Meadow by the hand. With Meadow’s plan, Alex had now found himself becoming more suited to Meadow than before. He wanted to get confident enough around her that he never had to worry about things like what other people thought of him.
“Oh, Alex!” Meadow laughed out loud, “You’re such a joker. So, who else have you been feeding those phoney lines to?” Alexander looked confused, as Meadow explained. “The plan! Has it worked, has anyone shown any interest, or asked you out?” He thought about Meadow’s question, but realised he hadn’t received any signs of interest from the opposite sex. His former goth-styled friends had certainly been interested about his new look, but for very different reasons! Alex searched the depths of his mind and began to panic. Could the reason he hadn’t noticed any girls paying attention to him be because he hadn’t been paying attention to girls? Feeling the silence going on too long, Alex needed an escape plan… and it was staring him straight in the face.
“Well, this one girl asked me out right away.” Alex made up his plan on the fly, but the basis of it was that if he dated Meadow for real, as well as nobody questioning his sexuality, he might start to genuinely fall for her!
“Really! Who, was it Laurie? Aimee?” Meadow asked.
“Well, I can’t remember her name, but I’m sure I’ll find out when I take her out next week.” Meadow stopped smiling and looked at Alex.
“You agreed to go out with her?”
“Yeah, wasn’t that the plan?”
“No! The plan was for me to decide whose good enough for you. I don’t want you winding up with some bimbo whose name you can’t even remember.”
“Oh, I remember now.” Alex said, pausing on purpose.
“...Well?!” Meadow waited.
“Well what?”
“What’s her name, Goddamn it!” Meadow demanded.
“Oh! Come here.” Alex gestured for Meadow to come closer.
“What?” Meadow asked, leaning forwards.
“Well, this girl, I really like her! But I don’t know if she feels the same way about me.”
“She asked you out, didn’t she?”
“She asked me out, but I’m not sure she meant it.”
“Wait, who is she?” Alex signed for Meadow to come even closer.
“It’s... you.” At the same time Alex had been affirming his feelings towards Meadow, Dirk had been getting closely acquainted with his date, and the two were trying their best to keep a cool head in the crowded hall. But, as Dirk moved his hand further down Holly’s body, he swore he could feel a pair of piercing eyes drill into the back of his head.
“Don’t look now, but that girl behind you is totally checking you out.” Dirk froze his hand, just as it was about to reach its intended destination.
“She doesn’t have red hair does she?” Dirk asked, thinking it was Lilith.
“Yeah she does!”
“And a spiky collar around her neck?”
“Not that I can see!” Dirk risked a glance, pretending to tie his shoe lace. He saw Angela, Lilith’s twin sister, staring at him and Holly suspiciously.
Standing back up, Dirk formulated a plan to make sure he could spend all the time he wanted with Holly without being seen. “Do me a favour?”
“When I go over there and talk to her, you make a dash for the fire escape outside - the stairs lead up to the roof. I’ll meet you there in ten minutes.”
“Okay, but I can’t be held responsible for what I do to you after making me wait a whole ten minutes.”
As Dirk passed Holly, he innocently brushed her cheek and whispered, “I can’t wait!”
Dirk walked towards Angela, as she folded her arms in front of her and squinted at him. “Hello, Dirk.” She said, still squinting.
“What’s wrong, you need glasses or something?” Dirk asked, trying to get Angela to face away from the door so she wouldn’t see Holly run up to the roof.
“I might do, because I just had trouble believing my eyes. You weren’t flirting with that girl over there, were you?” Dirk acted as if he was walking off, but his plan worked, and Angela turned away from Holly to face him. “I asked you a question.” Dirk tried not to look in her direction, as Holly ran off.
“I can honestly say that I will not be flirting with anyone in this room.” Dirk replied, grinning at his deviousness. Across the other side of the room, Meadow and Alex had stopped dancing.
“Me?” Meadow replied in a state of shock. Alex looked into her eyes, as she took a step back. “But, you said you really liked...”
“I do! I’ve been feeling this way for a while now. I kind of hoped we could just drop the plan and go together for real.” Alex replied.
“You want to date me?” Meadow smiled.
“If you’d let me.” Alex answered. He stepped forward and gently placed his hand on Meadow’s shoulder. Then, without pausing, he kissed her. He felt an extreme sensation of pleasure surge throughout his body, as he and Meadow kept on kissing. He felt as if he were floating on air. He didn’t care he was having his first kiss in front of everyone he knew, in fact, it added to the excitement. No longer did he feel like the shy and out of place Alexander Goth he once knew. Today, he felt like a man.
“Aww, look at that, look at that!” Cassandra could no longer contain her excitement, pointing at her brother kissing his girlfriend.
“Hey, now that doesn’t look like such a bad thing!” Darren joked, as he cosied up to Cassandra on the sofa.
“It doesn’t, huh?”
“Not at all.”
“Well, do you want to try it?” Cassandra asked, smiling back.
“Sure, why not!” Containing themselves no longer, the two love-birds smooched on the sofa. “I love you, Cassandra!” Darren said, as he gazed lovingly into his fiancée’s eyes.
“I love you too!” Cassandra replied.
“Eurgh, grab me a bucket!” Dirk said from across the room.
“What’s wrong? I thought you loved kissing!” Angela joked.
“It’s different when you’re watching it... Kinda makes me queasy.”
“So, I guess you won’t be greeting Lilith with a big smooch when she stops by later on.” Dirk’s mouth fell open.
“Lilith’s coming?! She told me...” Angela interrupted Dirk.
“Mother made her come after work, which means you’ve got around half-an-hour to wrap up whatever it is you were doing with... huh, where’d she go.” Dirk smiled, as he prepared to weave his little white lie. Mary-Sue was peering outside through a window, looking out for her husband to arrive. His lateness was not unusual, but no less unwelcome. Turning away, she spotted Angela’s confused look from afar and watched her argue with her sister’s boyfriend.
“My friend had to leave, which is a shame because I know she would have just loved to meet you. Oh, and by the way, whatever you think you saw, it was just two friends saying goodbye, is that okay?”

“Hey! It’s no bother to me, you can do whatever you want.” Angela sneered.
“Well, I think I’ll just go outside and wait for Lilith.” Dirk passed a despondent looking Mary-Sue, as he headed up towards the roof, ready to break the bad news to Holly.
“Looks like I’ll have to greet them myself.” Mary-Sue said to nobody in particular. She watched her husband’s sister and family get out of a taxi. Jennifer Pleasant was an outgoing young woman who had fallen in love with John Burb as a teenager. Unfortunately, her life changed when she found out she was pregnant on her eighteenth birthday. She told John they would have to marry, as her father would not allow her to raise a child out of wedlock. They got married in a rushed but glamorous ceremony, and everyone assumed Jennifer fell pregnant the same night. After the wedding, the couple left Pleasantview, and Jennifer began to resent John for getting her pregnant. Feeling as though she was far enough away from the judging eyes of her family, she planned to break-up with John – but she gave birth to Lucy. And, seeing how much her husband loved their daughter, her heart changed. Jennifer began training to be a nurse, and John had hopes of them one day moving back to Pleasantview. “Where has Daniel gotten to?” Mary-Sue asked herself out loud, as the Burbs entered the hall. John and Lucy were smartly dressed, but Jennifer had come in costume. “Hello, Lucy! My, that’s a pretty dress you’re wearing.” Mary Sue said to the little girl.
“I wanted to come as a kitty like mummy, but daddy said if I came in my dress instead he’d give me a bag full of chocolate!”
“So, have you come with a date?”
“Eurgh, boys are gross.” Lucy replied, as she ran off, no doubt to pester her cousin Angela, Mary-Sue thought, and laughed at how things would change when she grew-up.
“She’s not really at the boy phase quiet yet.” John piped up.
“You give her time, she’ll be getting a boyfriend the minute she becomes a teenager!” Mary-Sue laughed.
“Well, let’s hope I can manage to come up with a way to keep her mind off boys for at least, oh I don’t know, ten more years!”
“It’s not possible!” Mary-Sue kept on laughing.
“Well, I may have something in mind, but this is mostly just between you and me.” John leaned in towards Mary-Sue and whispered, “I’m going to cut Lucy’s hair really short and dress her up as a boy.” Mary-Sue looked horrified, but John could keep his composure no longer and burst out laughing. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding!” Mary-Sue hesitantly smiled, but never quite understood John’s sense of humour. “No. I’m thinking that when we have another baby, Lucy will either be too jealous to even think about boyfriends, or become so besotted with a baby-sister that she spends all her time with little Joanne!” John said, revealing to Mary-Sue just how far ahead in life he had planned. She reassuringly smiled, but wondered if Jennifer felt the same way as he did. Mary-Sue caught sight of Jennifer sighing, glancing from her sugar-fuelled child back towards her husband.
“Could you please go get your daughter, before she ends up breaking something?” Jennifer said, frowning at the sight of Lucy trying to climb on top of the inflatable cat.
“Come on, sweetie.” John said, walking over and picking Lucy up into his arms. She truly was daddy's little princess.
“Aww... I want to pet the kitty.” She yawned, coming down from her sugar rush. Lucy rubbed her eyes.
“You know it’s not a real cat, don’t you?” Lucy nodded. “I know where there’s some real fish, do you want to go and see them?” Lucy shook her head and began to shut her eyes.
“Looks like someone’s had enough for the night.” Mary-Sue watched John and Lucy together.
“More like, had enough for the year!” Jennifer replied, as she too yawned.
“I... was referring to your daughter.”
“Huh? Oh, right. Well, you know kids… enter some generic comment here!” Jennifer laughed. Mary-Sue was once again caught off-guard by the family’s big-city sense of humour.
“Correct me if I’m wrong, but I get the feeling you don’t want any more children.”
“Look, Sue, there’s a reason I turned away a job in paediatrics - kids are just... not for me. I plan to be way too busy in the future to be raising another.” Mary-Sue stared at Jennifer, trying to understand her. She would rather put her work before her children. But before she could pass comment, she suddenly realised who Jennifer reminded her of – it was herself. Sitting down together for the first time that evening, Nina decided it was time to find out more about her sister’s so-called innocent kiss with Ed.
“You seen Cassandra?” Dina asked.
“Yeah! I know!” Nina replied, knowing exactly what her twin was referring to.
“Well, it makes sense if you think about it. She picks out the most revealing costume to wear for the party in an attempt to... I don’t know, make us jealous or something.” Dina replied, confused about Cassandra’s plans.
“Are you jealous?”
“Of her!? God no, just that I’m saying I suppose that’s what she’s thinking.”
“Maybe she’s just thinking, I’m not going to let what Dina and Nina think bother my night out with my fiancé.” Nina sarcastically suggested.
“And it shouldn’t, let’s change the subject... How cute was Alexander with his girlfriend?” Dina giggled.
“Oh I know, they just look so adorable. I wonder if I was that cute as a teenager too.”
“I don’t really think you appreciate just how much freedom you have when you’re a teenager.” Dina replied.
“I know I didn’t!” Nina said.
“Well, you’re making up for lost time now, cheating with a girl’s fiancé is certainly the type of behaviour you’d expect from a teenager!” Dina laughed.
“Ouch! Anyway, you can talk... There isn’t something you wanted to tell me, is there?” Nina asked.
“Tell you what?” Dina queried.
“I... found something of yours in the bathroom.” Nina paused.
“You found what?” Dina was confused.
“Dina, I found the pregnancy test.” Dina sighed and looked away from her sister. “Dina... are you pregnant?” Dina looked slightly worried before talking.
“No!” She laughed, faking a smile. “Of course I’m not pregnant.”
“But the test..?”
“Was negative... I didn’t want to tell you, but Mortimer and I have been trying for a baby too.” Nina nodded and looked at her sister with a worried face.
“It wasn’t negative - I know, because I’ve been taking tests too. I know what a negative test looks like, and yours was pos-i-tive.” Nina spelled it out for her sister.
“Well, are you sure it wasn’t one of yours?” Dina shot back.
“Dina! Look, just tell me this. If you were pregnant...”
“Which I’m not!” Dina cut Nina off mid-sentence.
“Right. But, if you were, is there a chance it wouldn’t be Mortimer’s baby?” Dina grew angry.
“God! Why can’t you just leave that subject alone? Okay, no, there would be zero chance of it not being Mortimer’s.”
“But nothing. I’m not pregnant, so why are we even having this discussion?”
“Well, do you want to be?”
“Of course not!”
“But you just said you were trying!” Dina paused, realising she’d been backed into a corner. Feeling the pressure building, Dina figured a public gathering was probably the ideal place to confess all to her sister - it would avoid any outlandish reactions!
“Fine! You wanna know everything, well here it is - yes, okay, I did it, I used him for pleasure, and afterwards I felt terrible - is that not enough, now do I really need the hassle of this?” Dina's words came out all at once, and she felt the pressure of her pregnancy scare subsiding. Nina looked at her sister in disbelief.
“So, it could be... Ed’s?” She whispered.
“Look, I don’t even know for sure if I’m pregnant, okay? I took one test and it said positive, I took another and it said negative.”
“You shouldn’t even have to be taking tests - how could you do that to Mortimer?”
“God, don’t I wish I knew the answer to that!” Dina half-laughed.
“Cut the crap, sis! You cheated because you could, pure and simple.” Nina replied, her shock now replaced with anger.
“Cheat-ed, meaning it’s over.”
“And you’re certainly paying the price now!” Nina shot at her sister. She rubbed her temples, unable to not feel just a little bit sorry for Dina. “Okay, you need answers. Well, what if I schedule an appointment with the doctor, and we go together.” Nina said, trying to help her sister. “The only other problem is, if you are pregnant, who’s the father?”
“...My husband!” Dina confidently assumed.
“So, you were safe when you were with Ed.” Nina asked. Dina stayed silent. “Dina! What the hell is wrong with you?”
“Well! It’s not as if I planned the affair ahead of time. It just happened.”
“It only takes one of ‘em, Dina - and Ed’s a lot younger than Mortimer. Are you telling me there’s no doubt in your mind?”
“Yes, Mortimer is the father. End of!” Dina demanded. Nina pouted, feeling too angry to continue arguing with her sister anyway. After a minute of silence Dina stood up. “It’s funny, I don’t feel much like partying anymore.” She said, deciding to leave early.


“What do you mean your other girlfriend?” Holly asked.
“You know who I mean.” Dirk replied.
“The goth chick?! What do you even see in her?” Holly frowned.
“Nothing, babe, she’s just the girl I’m going steady with.”
“She’s one lucky punk girl.”
“Well, she’s not the one I’m spending all my time with, so how do you figure that as being lucky?” Dirk laughed.
“Because, even if I wasn’t spending time with you, I’d just be happy knowing you were mine!” Dirk rolled his eyes, as Holly smiled and dreamily looked out into the late-evening sky.
“So, you’re cool with leaving?”
“Yeah, I’m sure I’ve got homework that needs doing. I’ll probably go home and... not do it!”
Dirk gently touched Holly’s chin, bringing her in for a tender kiss. He smiled, as they stood apart. “Are you kidding me?” Holly laughed. “I didn’t wait up here all that time for one little kiss...” She grabbed Dirk by his lapels and pulled him towards her lips to make out. Dirk broke it off first, trying to breathe. Holly laughed, “One of these days, Dirk Dreamer, I’m going to get you all to myself! And when I do, you had better hope we’re alone... The things I plan to do to you... I think even you might blush, if you knew what goes on inside this head of mine!” Holly winked, and Dirk let out a groan that was mixed with excitement and agony - agony over the fact he had to get back to the party, and back to Lilith, who was just arriving with Dustin from work! Angela rushed out, shocked to see Lilith showing up to the party with her boyfriend in-tow.
“What are you doing here?” Angela asked Dustin, surprised but confused.
“Well, I was all ready to go home, when this-one-here persuaded me to come to the party. I don’t know what it is about you Pleasant girls, but I just can’t seem to say no!” Lilith smiled, as she playfully pushed Dustin. Angela glared at her twin sister with hatred. Grabbing her boyfriend, she decided to make sure he knew the true benefits of coming to the Halloween party. Lilith frowned at the sight of Angela mauling Dustin with her lips.
“God, why don’t you go get a room?”

Angela broke off her kiss and squinted angrily at her interfering sister. “Why don’t you just leave us alone?” Dustin looked at Angela, as if to say, be nicer to your sister - but Angela just shrugged her shoulders in reply.
“It’s okay, I should probably go show Dirk my new appearance anyhow. Bye!” She said to Dustin.
“Why’s she so friendly with you all of a sudden?” Angela asked after Lilith had walked inside.
“We just spend a lot of time working together. I suppose we maybe have a few things in common.” Dustin admitted, but it was more than just a few. They liked the same rock groups, they were both into sports. He could find himself talking to Lilith for hours without getting bored. If he were honest, he liked Lilith... but, he didn’t like her that way. There was no-one he liked more than Angela.
“If you ask me, she looked like she was getting a little too friendly with you.” Dustin laughed, but couldn’t help thinking about Angela’s comment.
“But she has a boyfriend.”
“Ha! I mean, oh...” Angela sighed and hugged her boyfriend.
“Can you give me some advice?” Angela asked.
“Of course.”
“Well, it’s about Lilith. Her boyfriend showed up here tonight... with another girl.”
“What a creep! Arent you gonna tell Lilith?”
“That’s what I need the advice on. She hates me enough already, and part of me is all, what do you care if her boyfriend is cheating on her. But then I just think about how I’d feel if I were in her shoes.” Angela told Dustin.
“It sounds as if you already know what to do.” Dustin said gently. Angela began to walk off, but Dustin grabbed hold of her hand. “Just so you know, you’ll never be in her shoes – as long as you’re with me.” Angela smiled, and in her head she added number one-hundred-and-thirteen to her list of things she loved about Dustin. She walked inside with Dustin and saw Lilith cluelessly searching for Dirk. Angela asked Dustin to ask Lilith to wait outside, thinking that if Lilith thought Dustin wanted to talk with her in private, she would be likely to agree to that set up more than Angela just walking up to her sister and asking to have a private word with her. Lilith was across the other side of the hall when she saw someone entering the building. For a moment, she thought it was Dirk, but then rolled her eyes at the sight of her father putting in an even later appearance than her. Mary-Sue casually but quickly rushed over to her husband, who hadnt even dressed up for the occasion.
Better late than never, I suppose. Mary-Sues contempt was masked by a fake smile she had put on for everyone to see. Daniel mirrored her pose.
Really, Mary-Sue, do we have to do this again here. I get enough of it on my own front porch.
So, thats where you were, at the bar with your drinking buddies again. Well, I suppose its better than... But Mary-Sue stopped herself, and thought back to what she had witnessed between John and Jennifer. Scolding herself, Mary-Sue held Daniels hand in a show of solidarity that Daniel found oddly genuine. He looked at his wife in the eyes, and her fake grin had been replaced with a sincere one. Leading on from her cue, Daniel took his wife by the other hand and the two began slow dancing along with the other couples. Unfortunately, Angela couldnt be included as one of those couples, as she had other matters to attend to. Outside, Lilith thought she was alone, until she saw a mysterious girl in a silky red dress rushing away from the building. Where had she come from, Lilith thought to herself, and why did it look like she was glaring at me. Lost in her thoughts, Lilith was surprised when her sister sat down beside her on the bench.
“What are you doing here, I thought Dustin wanted to talk to me?”

“I asked him to tell you that so I could get you out here alone.”
“Why do you wanna talk to me?” Lilith said coldly.
“I needed to tell you something, something that you’re not gonna like hearing.” Angela tiptoed around the issue.
“Well then, forgive me for not sticking around to hear it.” Lilith got ready to go inside.
“Wait! I won’t beat around the bush, I’m just gonna tell you - Dirk’s cheating on you.” Lilith didn’t even flinch, as Angela told her sister what she had seen at the Halloween Party. There was only silence coming from Lilith - an unsettling silence. “Didn’t you hear me? I said your boyfriend’s cheating on you.” Lilith kept on looking into the distance. She finally spotted her boyfriend appearing from the same place that she had saw that girl coming from.
“Can you please leave. I’d like to greet my boyfriend.” Angela got up in a huff.
“Fine, don’t believe me. I was only, God forbid, trying to do something nice for you.” Angela went inside hoping to catch at least one romantic dance with Dustin before the night was over. Lilith was left alone to think again. She though about her relationship with Dirk. She knew Angela wouldn’t lie, it wasn’t her kind of revenge. She also knew that Dirk was capable of cheating, seeing as how they’d been spending zero amount of time together since she had got a job with Dustin. And then, there was her own lingering attraction towards the idea of being with another boy. In fact, now she came to think of it, Lilith was having a hard time remembering what had attracted her to Dirk in the first place. Before she could come up with an answer, Dirk got closer to the entry and acknowledged Lilith's presence. She looked up at him, and realised the answer was in plain sight.
“Hey!” Lilith got up and threw her arms around Dirk. She caressed his toned body and remembered why she had fallen for him – he was a hottie! But... that was all. There was no substance to their relationship, and she wanted something more. Something she’d never be able to find with Dirk.
“Wow, blonde hair! You look hot.” Dirk went into kiss Lilith, but she backed off.
“Is that all you ever think about? Looks? You know, Dirk, you may be an A-plus student at school, but when it comes to relationships, you get a big fat F!”
“Whoa! Learn to take a compliment.” Dirk stepped back.
“Oh learning! Okay, let’s talk about learning for a second. Lesson number one, don’t cheat on your girlfriend in public.” Dirk’s mouth opened in shock. “Lesson number two, especially when it’s at a party hosted by that girlfriend’s MOTHER!”
“Whoa, who... who says I was cheating? If anyone’s guilty here, it’s you. You said you weren’t coming.”
“Oh! I’m sorry, I’ll make sure I stick to my plans next time, so you and your whore aren’t disturbed.” Lilith raged.
Dirk couldn’t believe it, his longest ever relationship was coming to an end. “You’re not gonna let a little thing like one girl break us up, are you?” Dirk said, knowing full well he had more than one girl.
“Oh, of course not. I just wanted to get it out in the open so we can kiss and make up... is what I would have said, if I’d had my BRAIN REMOVED!” Lilith couldn’t help laughing to herself, She wanted to put Dirk off the idea of serious relationships as much as humanly possible. She thought of it as her gift to all the girls of Pleasantview! “Lesson number three: TV Guide is an excellent place to look to find out what’s on television. You’ll want to know that, because you’ll be going out on a lot less dates from now on - try ZERO!” Lilith was so caught up in the moment, she almost forgot to officially announce the break-up. She held open the door to the hall and proclaimed loudly in front of everyone her intentions. “Dirk Dreamer, I am officially dumping you because you cheated on me!” Dirk peeked inside, and saw everyone’s eyes were now on him. His dad, Cassandra, Meadow, Alexander, Nina, Mary-Sue, Daniel, Angela, Dustin, Jennifer, John, and even Lucy had woke up to see Dirk be humiliated. Taking that as his cue to leave, Darren rounded up Alex, Nina and Cassandra before saying his goodbyes. Dirk couldnt face coming inside. He was left on his own, as Lilith crept up behind her sister, who was pretending to admire the Halloween decorations whilst everyone else was getting ready to leave. “...Don’t know if you heard, but me and Dirk split up.”
“I think even the people in Bluewater Village heard you!” Angela joked, as she caught sight of her sister looking at her and genuinely smiling.
“Thank you.” Lilith blurted out, before coughing and looking away. “Or, you know, whatever it is you say in these kinds of situations.” Lilith quickly added, turning away from Angela.
“I wouldn’t know, and I hope I never have to find out!” Angela replied.
“Well, don’t think this means I’m gonna be nice to you from now on. I mean, you may have better taste in men than me, but you still stink when it comes to music.” Angela laughed. “And clothes, and make-up, and food - well, I guess you’re okay with food.” Lilith said, knowing how much Angela liked to cook.
“Wow, you’re actually good at being nice!”
“I know, I’m so ashamed!” They both laughed at the same time, revealing a little bit of their sisterly bond. “Anyway, you know what this means now?” Angela shook her head. “I’m hot and single and looking for love, yee-haw!” Lilith yelped. Angela rolled her eyes and laughed in disbelief, knowing that this was the beginning of a whole new adventure for the two of them!

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