Violet just turned 18 when her two bestfriends, Evelyn and Elizabeth, decides to take her out on a club celebrating. But little did Violet know, that the most romantic guy and the most dangerous guy were in the same club with her. Her friends warns her about the dangerous one.. But will she listen to them? Read to find out.


14. What about Niall?

GUYS! I'm sorry for the long wait, but I was on a two days trip with no internet. I'll consider having a maraton tonight. Thank you for waiting, love ya :)


Harry's P.O.V

It was something about her.. Something about her innocence, that made me maybe fall a little bit for her.


"I think I might have to spend the night here." I spoke entering the livingroom after looking through the peephole.

"Why's that?" I looked over at Violet who was laying on the couch switching through channels.

I walked over to her, lifting up her legs as I sat down on the couch and placed her legs over my lap.

"That douche is still laying there." I claimed as I heard her sigh.

"Be happy, you're going to spend time with this guy!" I almost shouted the last words as I pointed my tumbs towards me.

"Great." She laughed sarcastically.

I laughed as well as she placed the remote on the table leaving National Geographic Channel on. I gave her a 'are you serious look' and she giggled.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door.

Violet's P.O.V

I stood up and went to open the door, I did it slowly just in case it was Brock. I spotted him still laying on the floor, I opened the door completely and there stood Ev and Liz... Shit.

"Heey!" They shouted and hugged me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked with a fake smile remembering they hated Harry.

"You haven't talked to us for ages! What's uuup." Liz was about to step inside but I just pushed her back.

"Uh, I got fired from work, but got a new one, Niall and I had out first kiss, Harry beated up my ex and his brother Brock came to beat him up but Harry knocked him down." I spoke as fast as I could and then tried to catch my breath.

They looked back over their shoulders, "Oh, that's why Brock is laaying there." Ev said as they looked over at me again.

"Wait." Liz furrowed her eyebrows. "Brock came to beat up Harry? Why did he come here?"

I hesitated rubbing the back of my neck as they pushed me to the side and walked past me. Their eyes widened when they came into the livingroom.

"Hii." Harry waved towards them being all cute.

They turned around fast with angry looks, "Oh.. And by the way, Harry is here." I faked a smile as they came towards me.

"Excuse us Harry, we need to have a chat with Violet." Ev spoke to Harry as they pushed me into my bedroom.

Liz pushed me down on the bed and crossed her arms, "Why is he here?" 

"He had found a new job to me, because he's the reason I lost my last job." I explained but their face expression didn't change.

"What's the job?" Ev asked putting her hands on her waist.

"Uhh..." I hesitated as their stare burned into my soul, "'I'm cleaning his house.." I sighed as their jaw dropped.

"No." Liz said sitting down next to me, "You can't work at his place, you can't hang out with him, he's dangerous!" She warned placing her hands on my shoulder shaking me.

Before I could reply Ev sat down next to me as she asked "Have you had sex?"

"No." I said with my eyes wide open.

"You're lying." Ev looked me straight in the eyes.

I rubbed my neck looking away.

"But what about Niall!" Liz almost shouted as I held over her mouth.

"Don't shout." I told her letting my hands down as I continued, "I was drunk."

"Have you kissed him, when you were sober?" Liz asked as I sighed looking down.

There was no point at lying, they would figure out, "Again.. What about Niall?"

"I... Technically Niall and I aren't like, a boyfriend girlfriend thing." I tried as they shook their heads.

"When is he going home?" Ev asked as I bit my lips.

"Is he staying over the night?" Ev sighed as I gave a short nod.

"If anything happens, don't say that we didn't warn you." Liz spoke and I nodded.

Harry's P.O.V

I loved the girls face expression when they spotted me in Violet's apartment. I'm used to it though. The friends of the girls I've dated always warn them about me.

They were taking ages to talk with her, suddenly I saw them walking out of her room, they said goodbye to her and the door closed, Violet locked the door before she stepped back into the livingroom.

"So, what about Niall?" I jokedafter hearing what one of her friends shouted.

"Oh shut up." Violet smirked walking over to the kitchen.

I laughed as I followed her into the kitchen,

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