Teen love (1D - louis and liam)

First book, so please no hate :)
my book doesnt really show much about one direction, but louis and liam are in it, and in the second one the others come in, but Teen Love is about a few teenager, finding love in a shopping center. Aria, Kate, Bella and Sammy are really good friends since they were young. they were shopping own their own at the start when they run into eachother. hidden feelings are revealed and childish games are played. read to find out about their lovey adventure in a shopping center. :) hope you enjoy, and if you dont then just dont read it i guess, oh and btw the second one way better :) p.s the story has random parts to it :)


2. kates P.O.V


I was walking around in the shopping centre looking for good clothes. Then I saw my friend Bella. We decided to shop together seeing we haven’t seen each other in a while. While we were walking around from shop to shop I saw this amazingly cute guy, I felt like I was in heaven, I think I fell in love., but I’m pretty sure we know each other. Hmmmm.

He was pretty close to me so I dropped my bags on purpose hoping he would help but instead Bella bent down and said, “I think I know what direction your heading.” She smiled and then from the trolley she grabbed the heaviest object and then dropped it on the floor because she couldn’t carry it any longer, then she headed over to that hot as guy and said, “Excuse me, um sorry for interrupting but umm me and a friend are having trouble putting an extremely heavy item into the trolley, I dropped it by accident.”

 I wasn’t sure if Bella knew what she was doing but I played along. The cute guy came towards me and then asked if I needed a hand, then from a behind I saw Bella telling me to say yes so I did. His brown hair was shaved , his eyes glittered and his smile I would die for.

I was glad I straightened my hair and put strawberry flavoured lip-gloss. I was more happy about what I was wearing ripped skinny jeans and a baggy top. I looked good, well that’s what Bella said. The guy asked, “So what’s your name?”

“I’m Kate and this is…” but before I could finish Bella quickly said, “And my name is Bella, Bel for short.”  I sighed, she was still the same Bel.

“Now that you know our names what’s yours?” I asked   

“My name is Liam, umm no short name, but some call me Bob,” he replied and smiled at Bel. I was going to ask where he came from when Bel rudely interrupted.

“Bob the builder can we fix it? Bob the buil” But before she could finish I said, “Bel isn’t that Louis, Naruto, Sammy and Aria?”

“Hmm let’s see yes it is, I’m going to go and leave you two to it, cya later.” Bella said and went off.

After she left I asked Liam if he had any brothers or sisters and it ended up that he had a sister named Jane. It was interesting to find out things about Liam, we also realized we knew each other from school, he was the quite one in the group so hmm. He seemed like a really nice guy and I think his single, well hopefully.

“look Kate, even though we knew each other properly for a while, there’s something about you that I don’t know, it’s just that I’ve seen you around, and the first day I saw you I started to like you, you are so pretty, nice, kind, loveable  and I don’t know, just amazing, and I want to ask you something. You’re single so do u want to go out with me?”

I was so excited and happy so I replied, “let’s see you’re really hot, amazingly cute and wow who wouldn’t want to go out with a guy like you, so yeaaaa.”

“Wow, so umm do your parents let you go out at night” he asked me.

I replied, “No not really but if I say I’m going with Sammy, Bella and Aria then yea I can, and no I’m not a rebel.”

“Sweet bro,” he said.

“Hunny I would do anything for you from now on.” I said.

“Well then sweetie, I’ll see you tomorrow night.” He said.

He was one dreamy guy and I will never say no to an offer like this, even though I say no to algebra. I noticed Bella eyeing on us. I knew she was abit worried.

“Shall we join the group, I’ll introduce you to them and they aren’t as bad, well they aren’t bad at all, but umm Bella gets abit hype and sometimes go nuts but yea she won’t be a problem she never was.” I said.

“Yea, we shall, and haha its cool man she seems nice.” Liam said.

So we walked to the group and I said, “Ok, guys this is my boyfriend, Liam. Umm I met him a few days ago but have known him since school, sorry Bella I didn’t tell you, and yea.”

Bella seemed a bit pissed but oh well.

“Oh great, here I am thinking you guys just met, I was worried. I mean seriously, who knows if he was I don’t know, a PEDO OR A RAPIST, NOT TO MENTION A MURDERER! and now, what your telling me you guys were already friends.” Bella said with the eyes of an eagle.  

“I did say sorry.” I did the Minnie mouse eyes hoping she would forgive me.

“Fine, just don’t do those eyes! They always get me and sometimes they can get abit creepy.” Bella said.

(A.N please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease tell me if this bad or good?!?!?!? :D im a simple yet straight to the point writer)

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