A Thousand Years After

Sapphire has trusted her father Klaus and has now found out he didn't kill her mother Zenia. But now she's determined to find out who did.
Is Sapphire and Stefan a thing?
Will Sapphire get with Damon?
Or is there another?
second book to A Thousand Years

Twilight/true blood/ the vampire diaries fan fiction


1. Klaus

Sapphire picked a blue meadow flower out of the grass.  

" What's your full name? " Klaus asks and I look up at him . 

"What? " Klaus asks. 

' You don't know my full name? ' I answer in complete shock like he had just told me he had killed everyone in paris.   

" I hear you went by Sapphire-Rose "

I laugh, ' Sapphire Mikaelson. Sapphire Rose Klaus Mikaelson' I smile at him. 

Klaus gasps ,
" You have my name "

' Yeah mother knew I would be like you '

" Elijah said you was I don't believe him "

' Klaus I am evil cruel and manipulative '

" I don't think so " Klaus smirks 

' Then you obviously don't know me Klaus ' I giggle and blush. 

" You can call me Nik "

' Ok Klaus '

" What will you do while your here in Forks ?"

' I'm going to get revenge on Damon '

" Really ? "Klaus props his head up on his hand and looks completely interested." Your going to kill him? " 

' No' I answer. 

Klaus looks confused , I sigh ,
' When I get revenge I cause someone pain so much pain that they will wish they were dead when I'm done with them. I don't kill them because I like them to live with there pain suffering and misery and it makes it worse if you let them know they brought it on there self. '. 

" Ok maybe Elijah was slightly right you are a bit like me "  

' I feel the worst type of pain is emotional than physical you have to get into there mind '. 

" I feel the exact same ". Klaus laughs and his phone rings. 
" I'm sorry I have to take this" he informs me and I give a small nod. 

" Caroline love. Yes. Yes. I'll see what I can do love. Take care ,yes  to bye. " Klaus smiles like the cheshire cat. 

' Who is she? ' I smile up at Klaus how is in a very happy mood and has a slight blush if I'm not mistaken. 

" Nobody " 

' Really looks like nobody'

" What do you mean? "

' Klaus your practically blushing '

" Nik"

' What? '

" Call me Nik "

' Ok Nik just stop changing the subject'. 

Klaus blushes furiously ,"her names Caroline "

' What's she like?' I grin at him. 

" Beautiful , smart , funny ,talented , blonde but not dumb blonde she's really smart yet for some reason she isn't mine. "Klaus smiles and shrugs.  

' You want me to see what I can do about that? '

Klaus shakes his head very fast. 

" What are you going to do with damon? "Klaus quickly changes the subject. 

' I was going to call on a few favours and see what I can do to cause him emotional pain '. 

" Sounds...Fun " 

fun of all words Klaus could of chose. I giggle and laugh. 

" Come on let's go back to the house". 

Klaus stands and holds his hand out to me to help me up. I stand beside him but he doesn't let go of my hand he brings it up to his lips he smell me hand flipping it around then he kisses my palm. 

" I'll race you back" Klaus says.  

" On your marks get set-"  I bolt at set taking Klaus by surprise and manage to get to the house before him and I burt out laughing. I stand in the hall way in fits of laughter remember Klaus shocked face.  

" You cheated" Klaus says sneaking up behind me tiggling  me till I can't breath and fall to the floor. 
" I would of won ". Klaus says not stopping his little game. 


" Klaus? " A female voice asks. 

Klaus looks up. 

" Caroline love ". 

Oww so this is Caroline I think to myself. 

Yes this is Caroline, Sapphire. I gasp as I hear Niks voice in my head.  


I stand up and offer my hand to Caroline who shakes it. 

' You must be Caroline, iv heard so much about you its nice to finally meet you '

Caroline is honey blonde, eyes like the green blue  ocean.   She's around 5' 8" 
Which is about the same height as me.

" Its nice to you to, who are you? "

" I'm sorry forgive my manners love , Caroline forbes this is  Sapphire Mikaelson. Sapphire Mikaelson this is Caroline forbes " 

" What a beautiful name " Caroline says. 

" Yes a beautiful name for a beautiful person. " A male voice adds and we turn to see Trevor enter the room. 

I growl at him remembering the last time I saw this man. 
The last time I saw Trevor he aided me then drugged me and sold me as a slave to the pleasure house . 
Klaus growls beside me. 

" You wanted to see me " Trevor snaps. 

' Can I kill him? ' I ask Klaus and Caroline looks shocked. 

" Your going to anyway I guess ". 

' Thank you. '

I turn to Caroline. 
' He raped me ' I inform her and she gasps. ' It was lovely to meet you but I have some unfinished business to take care of '. 

" Of course it was nice to meet you to Sapphire ". 

I walk away and grab Trevor dragging him out behind me. 

" Klaus no! You can't let her do this! Klaus you promised me safety! " Trevor screeches.  

I hit him over the head and he goes silent. 

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