More thn life itself

Niall just comes back from a tour with the boys and is more than happy to go back home and see his girlfriend Julie. When Niall finally steps into the door Julie looks surprisingly angry. Julie found out about Niall kissing a fan on the lips and she isn't very '' pleased'' to see them put on magazines about '' What will Julie think ? '' , '' Is it good-bye Julie ? ''. Having a huge argument with your girlfriend you haven't seen in weeks and been with for months is heart breaking. But when guys cry over a girl, It must be real.


2. The boys : Julie's prospective

In my head I was thinking he's a cheater, In my heart I was thinking don't give up. I wouldn't give up on us until I know what was really happening, So I went to where the other boys where staying to talk to them, To ask for there opinion. Or maybe more on this situation. When I turned around I realized Niall was staring at me,But I didn't give a facial response back. I head to my car and looked in the mirror to wipe off my tears when a picture landed on my lap. I picked it up to discover it was me and Niall, On our first date together. That day I knew he was really the one. But sometimes I think, Happy endings don't always exist either. I stuffed the picture into my pocket and head over Liam's house. Maybe he will know whats really going on. Once I got there I checked for any dry tear marks left on my face and headed for his door. When he answered he seemed thrilled to have me over. In no surprised he seemed to know exacly why I came over. He gave me a hug and we talked over about it. '' Liam what am I suppose to do, I feel like im over exaggerating''. He says '' Julie, Niall loves you so much, Trust me he tells us all the time. But do you really think Niall would give up on you for some fan? You guys have been together for nearly a year, Trust me on this one''. I knew what Liam was saying was true, Niall isn't the kind of guy who would give up on you for just some fan.'' Im getting overly carried away'' I said to him. '' Maybe I should go back and apologize to him''. '' You should tell him pretty soon, We have a concert we have to be too in a couple of days''. I gave Liam another hug and a thank you. He wished me good-luck. I looked back at my picture of us and had to blink back tears, And stuff it back into my coat pocket.

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