The World Jumper

This movella is for the New Direction project.
I'm a World Jumper, cursed to relive the worst of my memories again, and again, and again. But, only one thing can heal me. Easy as it may sound, another being is searching for what I seek, and I must find it before she does... I must. For it will surely mean the destruction of the world, as we know it.


3. Truly, Madly, Deeply

This world was one of the strangest worlds, I'd ever been too. Rivers, twisted through the sky and cloud patterns were moving across the lush grass. It was quite beautiful but very weird, I moved my consciousness to the world around me, searching for that object, I needed so much. The strangeness of this world was interfering with my search, when I though I found it, it turned out to bee a rock or when I thought I brushed against a human's mind it was actually a tree. There was no way I could find the object with telepathy in this world, I will have to search the hard way. I was standing on top of a hill, looking out over the country side, this place was truly amazing, it defied all theories back at earth, the planet where my family was murdered. A stream was following through the sky a few metres away, so I went to go and have drink. I cupped my hands a let the cool water trickle down my throat. A man in the water was staring straight at me, he was wearing a waist coat and top hat, he clutched a cane in his right hand. Stubble was strewn across the mans face and his black hair was tangled. The waist coat which was once so grand had rips and tears that were fraying at the edges. That waist coat was a gift from the king of one of the other worlds, I had been too. In that world, everything had been made out of fabric. That was where I had first met, her, the other searcher. Fortunately she wasn't a world jumper so she couldn't move around as quickly as I could. I walked down the hill, my cane pretending to be a walking stick. Eventually I found a town, the town was pretty different as well, for one all the people were walking backwards. Their clothes were on backwards, the chatter taking place was said backwards. All the citizens gave me weird looks, like I was the weird one. I kept walking down the road, I eventually found a woman who was walking forwards, the right way. I hurried over to her and asked her what was going on.

'Hats.' She replied

'Sorry?' I asked.

'Hats.' She repeated.

She smiled then gestured for me to follow her. She walked back down the road, I was rather reluctant to follow, but she was the only one here to talk. She walked forwards, I followed her.

We came to a stop outside, a large green door, graffiti had been written across it; sodriew, or in my tongue, weirdos.

'Apple gun,' the woman said then gestured for me too go through the door.

She opened the door and I followed her inside into a small room. The room was almost empty, except for a sink, a fridge, a pantry and a table with three chairs. A man and another woman occupied two of these chairs.

'Who is this Lyra?' the woman asked.

'Bellpop.' Lyra replied.

'My name is Arthur.' I said.

'Welcome Arthur, my name is Maria, please sit down.' I took the spare seat and Lyra stood.

'My name is Jonathan.' The man said.

'What brings you to the world of Htrae?' Maria asked.

'I'm looking for something.' I replied.

'what is it that your looking for?' Jonathan asked.

'I can't tell you.' I answered evasively.

'You can tell us, we won't tell a soul.' Jonathan said.

'How do I know I can trust you.' I asked.

'Jonathan can only tell the truth.' Maria cut in.

After careful consideration I confided in them what I am looking for. Maria thought for a bit then said, 'The object you are looking for is not on this world, it is on another where nothing lives, a planet that has been consumed by death.'

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