Maddie with the Host Club

Madeline Anne Hills may have the money, the life, but she has no true friends. All her friends weren't real, they were all for her money. Madeline likes to be called Maddie.

Maddie is one of the richest people in the world. She has moved to Japan even though she doesn't know any Japanese. She goes to a school called Ouran. Who would you think she meets?


2. School with Ari

I woke up the next morning with Ari laying beside me. I shook her awake and showed her the horrid uniform, which made her face turn green with disgust. We walked to my closet and I pulled a loose white shirt on with ripped black skinny jeans. I slipped some brown heeled ankle boots and my brown leather jacket. I had a white beanie on and put light makeup on. Ari wore a loose sky blue dress that reached her knees and got longer in the back. She wore some black shoes and a black leather jacket with her silver hair cascading down her back. "Looks good." I smiled.

"You too." she chirped going to get breakfast. We walked out and slipped in the limo with Dana. Once we were at school, we made sure to have all the same classes. "I should warn you now, if I get hugged by any boys, I'll turn into my wolf." she whispered. I nodded and kept her a safe distance from boys. Classes went by in a blur and we were now headed to the dreaded host club..

We opened the doors and walked in, today the club was closed which was good. No hosting which means no work.. "Who is this wonderful princess?" Tamaki asked going up to Ari. "Back away!" I said frantically as I gently pushed him away from her. "Ari, that's Tamaki. Beware him the most. That's Kyoya, Honey-sempai, Mori-sempai, Hikaru, Haruhi, and Karou." I said pointing at them in turn. "Guys, this is Ari. Boys, touch her and she'll murder you.." I said deadly serious

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