Unexpected Love

This is about a girl named Ann . Her father is a movie director,he was filming a new movie with Dave Franco in it . She came by the studio because it was summer and she got bored one day. What will happen when Dave meets Ann will he fall in love with her or will he have no interest in her at all?? Read and find out.


1. My first day on set

Ann's POV

yes! Summer is finally here. I have been really bored lately maybe I can ask dad if I can got to work with him. I'm gonna call him and ask him if I can come today

D: hello good morning Ann I'm surprised your up its 6 am

A: aha hi yea me to can I come by today I'm really bored

D: ummm yea it's okay with me come as soon as you can

A= yessssss!!! I need to go get ready

After I took a shower I wanted to pick my cutest outfit cause u never know what celeb might be there haha. I ended up picking out  a pink tank top with a jean vest and some shorts and I was wearing blue vans . After I got dressed I went in the bathroom and dried my hair and straightened it and put a pink bow in my dark brown hair. I put my make up on and left and started walking to my dads work.

As soon as I got there I was really thirsty and realized I didn't eat. I went to the food table where all the actors grab a snack when their hungry. I grabbed I crescent roll and went to grab a water bottle and I bumped into someone I turn around to see I accidentally bumped into Dave Franco. He turned around and said "Sorry beautiful didn't mean to bump you". Just hearing his voice made me blush ,then I said "it's okay sorry for being in your way." With that I left and turned around to see him and he was still looking at me. I turned around and continued to walk towards my dad. I gave him a hug and sat in a chair next to him. He told the actors to get ready to start a photo shoot. he started talking to Dave and said "take your shirt off Dave" at first I was like what the heck. But then he took it off and omg lets just say I'm glad I came. Then my dad started saying " hmmmm there's something missing um Ann get next to Dave" I was like "really?" And he said "yea go" . I went over and stood next to him and he introduced himself and so did I and my dad said go to the dressing room and find a bathing suit.i didn't want to cause I don't want Dave to see my body. I ran and found one and Dave needed one to and he went with me and I went to change in a trailer where Dave got ready and I got dressed in the bathroom and Dave was waiting for me to change. I didn't want to get out I didn't want him to see me. Then Dave asked me" Hey Ann u ok in there? " then I said "yea I'm just really scared of what you'll think of my body." And he said " don't worry I won't judge you " I slowly opened the bathroom door and slowly walk out in my teal bikini and he says "Wow Ann you have an awesome body." And I said "thx" then he went in the bathroom and changed and I put a teal bow in my hair. Dave got put and went started taking pictures, we had a water fight and there was a pool and Dave threw my in the pool and jumped in and we were still taking pictures and then Dave came over to me and I put my legs around his waist and I put my arms around his neck and he put his hands around my waist and he leaned in and kissed me. And it turned into a make out session till my dad said ok that's enough. Then me and Dave went to go change and I dried off and Dave stayed till I got out of the bathroom. Then he said " umm Ann do u want to go for dinner sometime?" then I said " yes I would love to " then he said " umm can I get your number?"  Then I said" ummm yea defiantly " . I gave him my number and completely forgot my dad left and I said " omg I have to walk" then Dave asked " do u need a ride?" " yea if you don't mind" "yea I don't mind lets go" . Then we walked over to his car and he opened the door for me . I got in he closed the dorr and it finally sunk in that you with Dave Franco.

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