Never Forgetting You

Hannah Moat is any ordinary girl. She has a family, a house, friends, a best friend and a crush on one guy. The problem is that her best friend Louis Tomlinson, is the one she loves. She can't get him out of her head. She cries every night thinking about how he will never like her back. But Louis actually loves her back. And he thinks that she will never like him back. What will their life turn into? Will they ever tell each other how they feel? How will Louis pursue his singing career? Will he have to leave Hannah without telling her anything? *Author's note: This is before One Direction was created, but somehow Little Mix is mentioned in this book (they're already made into a girl group) Please be totally honest with how you like my book. I rarely ever share my writing to other people. Tell me things I can work on, whats good and bad. This is my first book so I will eventually learn from what I did bad and well. Thanks so much! :*


2. Thinking About Her

Louis's POV

Her hazel eyes. 

Her rusty blonde hair.

Her beautiful smile. 

Ugh, why do I keep thinking about her? She's my best friend. She'll never have the same feelings for me like I do for her. 

It's just....she's so beautiful. She's all I ever think about. 

But...the weird thing is that whenever I talk about other girls, just to see her reaction, she acts really rude, which isn't like her, and her contagious smile disappears. 

What if she likes me back?

What am I thinking? She will never like me more than a friend.

 I am so friend zoned.

The rain started to fall and it became really quiet in my house. And thoughts about Hannah filled my head, without me even trying.

It was like someone was thinking about the same time I was thinking about them. 

No. I wouldn't care who it could be. It just mattered if it was Hannah. Which wasn't likely.

I sighed. I needed to get her off my mind.

I sat up, and stood in front of my mirror. I took a big breath.

I didn't notice what song I was singing. "Give Me Love" started to spill out of my mouth. 

I stopped and stared at my reflection. Then out of no where I sat on my bedroom floor and started to cry. The tears just started to spill. Why did it feel like someone had the same thoughts as me, and someone was hearing the same song in their head? What do I have to do to get Hannah to love me? Why do I have so many feelings for her? Those questions swam around in my head. I cried even more thinking about those questions because they probably would never be answered.

I heard the sound of footsteps, but I didn't see anything because I was bawling my eyes out.

Soft hands touched my shoulders. My heart leaped. I immediately thought it was Hannah, but I snapped back into reality. It was Lottie, my younger sister.

She found out about my feelings for Hannah, but she's the only person who knows.

But don't get me wrong, she doesn't embarras me in front of Hannah, she's actually a big help by helping me figure what to say to Hannah and not make a complete idiot of myself.

"It's ok Louis. I bet she loves you back." She whispered into my ear. Even though she was 13, she still understood me very well. 

"What are you talking about Lottie? She will never even like me back." I stumbled. It was amazing how she knew I was thinking about Hannah. 

Lottie sat next to me. "Louis, Im your sister. I just know she loves you back. I can just feel her tears falling because she thinks you will never like her back." Lottie hugged me.

I couldn't say anything. I was shocked thinking that that could be true, but I was crying so hard by then. Lottie hugged me even tighter, and was rocking me back and forth like a baby, even though I was a 17 year old boy.

*Author's note: Yes, like I said, this is before Louis enters the X Factor, so now in the book, he's still going to school.

Lottie always makes me feel better, even though she's younger than me.

I just could not stop crying. I let all my feelings, thoughts, anger, sadness, guiltiness and doubt be released through tears. 

It sort of felt good to let everything out. I couldn't stand holding it all in. 

I kept crying and crying, but Lottie held me in her arms, and didn't say a word. She said nothing like "Louis stop being a baby. Hannah will never like you." She just hugged me and understood everything without me saying any actually words.

"It's ok Lou. She loves you back. I just know it." She softly whispered into my ear.

I doubted it, but I still had a little hope inside me.

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