Gone With Th1rteen R3aons (Liam Payne)

Shyanne disappeared one year ago.

No one knows where or how she is.

You must think the people who knew her would be sad, right?

Well your wrong.

The day Shyanne disappeared was the day everyone thought their secrets would disappear with her.

They moved on with their life acting as if it never happened, as if they didn't have any secrets to hide from the world.

That was until the day the tapes were sent to 13 people. 13 people who's lives would be changed forever.

13 people who caused Shyanne to disappear.

And you'll never believe who's one of them.


10. Cassette 2 Side A

Gone With Th1rteen R3asons (Liam Payne)








Chapter 9








Cassette 2 Side A








*Third POV*


Liam stood there, in the middle of Sam's huge bedroom wondering. Wondering of what he did to his best friend that would be possibly worse than what Sam did to her.


He came up with nothing.


His mind was blank. Memories of them having a ball  together was all he could remember. He could remember her smile, her perfume, the length of her hair, the way she laughed, and the sound of her voice as she talked. He could remember all of this, their amazing memories but, he couldn't remember anything backstabbing and disgusting that he had done to her. 


'Maybe Sam was lying.' he told himself, as he nodded to his own wording


Yes! That must be it! He was just wanting to screw with my head! Liam tried to convince himself as he paced back and forth on the wooden floor beneath him.


Even though as he told himself these words, there was a little voice in the back of his head that was telling him 'No Liam, there is something missing that you aren't remembering'. But, out of all possibilities he ignored it, going with his first assumption, and walked out the bedroom of Sam Rocky.


He didn't realize how long he had been in the Rocky residence until he met complete darkness. The starts could be seen from the above and the street lights barely showed the streets. It was chilly, the wind finding its way through Liam's jackets as he pulled it tighter around himself, watching leaves float across the street and into the night. 


The familiar pang on guilt and loneliness filled his heart as he remembered how Shyanne and him would take familiar walks at night. It was one of those things that they both loved to do. That simple activity was one reason why they were friends in the first place.





The snow softly hit the ground as it slowly became white. The temperature was below zero and everyone had stayed put inside, perfectly fine around the fireplace as they sipped on their hot chocolate and tea with their families. None of them dared to go outside to meet the bone chilling weather but, there was one who stood outside the utterly familiar large red stop sign in a heavy over coat, snow boots, and wool hat. That someone was Liam. 


He was leaning against the cold silver pole as he rubbed his hands together, instantly regretting not wearing his gloves that were on his dress at home. Pulling the cap even further down his forehead, he took a long glance around the empty road. He'd been waiting in the same spot for ten minutes, waiting for her. 


Looking down at his shoes, he watched as a small snowflake hit his boot, instantly melting at the contact. Leaning down, he flicked at the water spot and watched as it splattered to the cement sidewalk. 


"Having fun with water?" a all too familiar voice interrupted his actions


Smile immediate plastered onto his face, he quickly got up, pulling his best friend into his arms. "Shyanne." he whispered, bringing her down in contact with the ground


"Ready for our daily walk?" Shyanne asked, looping her arm around his


"I've been waiting for ten minutes for your information." Liam nugged Shyanne to the side, gently 


"You should know me by now Mr.Payne. I'm always late." Shyanne laughed, Liam's smile growing even wider


"Now, lets go before our toes freeze off from standing here doing nothing." Shyanne tugged on Liams sleeve, attempting to drag him in the dark


Laughing, Liam obeyed, following Shyanne's footsteps as they took their normal walk together. If only Liam at that time knew that, that would be there last walk they would have together before his best friend would disappear.






Climbing up the ladder of the tree house, he re-entered the old wooden door before plopping himself on the beanbag chair that she loved so much. Taking out the old cassette that was in the slot, he threw it across the room, not wanting to ever hear it again. 


Just like Shyanne said, he wanted to burn them. He never wanted to hear those stories again, especially if those stories had in anyway caused her to disappear, which in this case it did.


Tugging on the headphones above his ears, he collected the second cassette and inserted his pinky through one of the holes, twirling it around in circles, debating whether or not he wanted to listen to it. The first cassette had already gotten him wired up, he didn't like the feeling of hatred towards someone. Shyanne's cassettes though, they made him build up a wall of hatred to every single person mentioned on the tapes, even though he knew his name was on there-


he felt a wall of hatred being formed for himself.


Sighing, he knew he couldn't deal without knowing why he was on these tapes. He knew he would have to listen to them to find out. So, without further of do, he inserted the cassette into the player. Hesitating before playing, his finger lingered on top of the 'play' button.


"You can do this Liam. You can do this." he whispered to himself as he clicked play




"Alice Heart." her voice filled his ears as it cascaded from the black headphones


"Alice were and are, the most innocent girl in town. Always turned in your homework, no make up, straight A's, always stayed at home on weekends, never went to parties, never wearing clothes that showed too much skin, and you were a virgin. All of the things adding up to the words 'innocent girl' at our school, don't you think?" Shyanne chuckled, Liam's eyes filling with just a slight spark as it filled his entire body


"I remember you just when we started high school. Nerd glasses, braces, and always sat in the back of every class because you were too shy to talk to anyone. No one knew who you were at the time and I could tell on your face that you were fine with that. It was the following year though when everyone got use to the school that people started to notice how distant you were. You got some friends half way through though, just like you. Innocent but, not as innocent as you." Shyanne stated into the recording device slowly, seeming to be at lost in thought of remembering of events that took place weeks,months, or even years ago


"Everyone asked you to do their homework Alice, knowing you couldn't reject them because you were too nice. The jocks and cheerleaders mostly. They weren't necessarily smart, well some at least." her voice trailed off before continuing 


"Now, is where the story starts to really begin." Shyanne said, attempting to leave a cliffhanger


"Your dad is the sheriff of police and your mom is the top judge in our town. They both earn a lot of money and so their daughter got the top education. They plan on you going to Harvard for collage don't they Alice? They have your whole life planned out for you in the smallest detail, down to the bone. They thought their little daughter was perfect and doesn't have any secrets to hide." the voice floating out of the headphones was angry, Liam could tell. He'd known his best friend so well, he could just tell.


"I think it was a Thursday, actually I'm pretty damn sure it was a Thursday. My mom was dragging me to the mall the day before for a gala that was on a Friday, which is why I came for you to do my homework. I had a huge writing report due the next day and I knew I couldn't finish it so, I came to you for help. I remembered how you gladly agreed to do the deed but, I would have to return the favor back." Shyanne sighed into the recording, showing that what she was about to say was no good


"You told me I needed to go to the back of 'Billy's Bakery' and meet a man covered in tattoos, piercings, coated in too much eye liner, and had spray painted neon red hair. You told me that he had something for you, a necessity that you needed desperately by the end of the school day. I didn't think it was much of a big deal but, me being my curious self I couldn't help but ask what was no necessary that you needed. All you replied was 'none of your business' and 'do this if you want your report done by tomorrow'."


"Of course I so desperately wanted to keep my A in English, so I accepted the deed. You handed me a random object in a brown paper bag that you wanted me to give to the male before I walked out of the school during lunch break." Shyanne paused for just a moment


"It only took me about fifteen, twenty minutes to get behind the bakery and only five of waiting to see the scary male leaning against the spray painted door. He had a deep voice that was a little weird for him but, I just wanted to get the fuck out of there and head back to school."


"Where's Alice, the male said gruffly at me, eyeing me up and down. He had blue eyes, I remember, and they raked up and down my body, instantly regretting coming here. At that point I knew I wouldn't like this guy, just from the way he was looking at me gave me the wrong vibe and I didn't like it." her voice sounded slightly muffled before it came back to her normal tone


"I didn't exactly have a good reply to him Alice. So, I just simply replied 'She sent me here' and handed him the brown bag that you gave me."


"He eyed the bag for awhile before taking the bag and reaching his large beefy hand, pulling out a huge pile of green papers. It took me awhile Alice but, it eventually clicked it was money that you were wanting me to give him." 


"What I didn't understand was why."


"Why would you need to give a creepy man money?"


"His eyes trickled down the amount of cash that was held in his hand until he said 'ten grand'. My eyes went wide at those words. Ten grand Alice?! Why would you need to give this man ten grand?! 


"Before I could ask, he gave me another paper bag, simply grumbled 'don't you dare open it', and opened the spray painted door, going inside."


"I just walked back to the school, bag in hand, not expecting much from it. I did what I was told and didn't look in the bag. Maybe if I did before though Alice, maybe I wouldn't have gotten in trouble two hours later." a soft chuckle filled Liam's ear, fingers tapping against his leg as he waited for Shyanne to continue, why did she get in trouble


"It was then at that point, when I remembered every detail practically from those two hours."


"You told me I should keep the bag for another hour because you had study hall and so I did, not thinking much of it. I was just stupid enough to be carrying that bag around to my next class after lunch. It was Math class next and I was still carrying the bag. I don't remember who but, someone walked by and accidentally knocked the bag over, knocking all of it's content inside to fall out."


"After that all I could hear was random 'ooohs' and 'oh my gosh' 'ew,she does that stuff'. It was then when I realized what was in that bag."





"I was quickly out of my seat, trying to grab everything that was in sight but, it was too late. The teacher already saw and I was sent to the principal."


"That day was the first time I had ever gotten out of school suspension."


"I wouldn't have gotten it though, if it weren't for you."


"When I was taken to the principal's office, I told the lady behind the desk everything. From asking Alice for help, to meeting that strange man, giving the money, and finally figuring out what was in the bag that he gave me. I blamed it all on you Alice and when you were called to front office, you denied everything."


"Your one pretty good damn actress if I do say so myself. The tears and confused looks one the head mistress over and I got all the blame for it."


"Causing me to get out of school suspension and to carry the name 'Drug Addict' for months. Which resulted in me being alone and not anyone to be around me, too afraid to get involved in what I do."


"Well I hope your happy Alice. My parents lost all trust in me that day."


"They didn't believe one thing that I ever said after, thinking it was all bullshit."


"All I can say is though, thank you. You actually did turn in my report the next day as a lame apology for me taking the blame on purpose."


"You my dear Alice are on of the reasons I'm not there today."


"But don't worry, there's plenty of others that are to blame too."


"Like Mike Griffin or, as some like to call Mikey."


"Mikey Griffin, my neighbor for so many years."


"You are the next person on my list."





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