The Other way around

All Skylar Duncan ever wanted was to see anyone famous doesn't matter who it is just someone famous. When she books a ticket to Miami, Florida. Because her dad has cancer if she doesn't have the money he might not be able to live. She finds out that her room has been changed and she would have to share a room with someone. And finds out she would have to share a room with Justin Bieber what will happen could she would she fall for him? Or would He fall for her? Whats the risk of falling and whats the risk of gaining?


5. Hospital

(Justin's POV): We played Volleyball and went inside it was pretty hot, ya because it summer duh! I started to have feelings for her, for Skylar. Her Icy Blue eyes with a hint of green, her smile, her hair, her laugh, her personality, her beauty. Just perfect. But what if shes not over Lucas? What if she doesn't like me? I step up to  her, and in a whisper. "Do you like me?"  she blushed. "No." she said. "Do you like Lucas?" and again "No." she answered. "What if someone i know likes you?" "Then you better introduce me to him so i could see if we could start dating!" she laughed. "Well go to "Red Lobster" today at 6:20PM today he would love to meet you." i smile. "Got it, but if your lying bitch i will kill you!" she pointed out. "Now this girl needs to get ready for her date tonight." she smiles. As she leaves the hotel to buy some clothes.

(Skylar's POV): time is slipping away about 2 more weeks till i go back for my dad, and his treatment. I go and buy some nice clothes in a store and come out. With 2 bags. the voice hovered over me. "Do you like me?" Justin asks. That question stuck in my head. I-i don't know if i like him what if i do. I don't know about this shit that's going on. i look at my phone 6:15PM okay i'm almost there. i skip in the restaurant head to the little girls room and change. 6:25PM shit he's probably waiting for me. i head out. and sneak out and go back in walking casually. I walk around. Who the fuck am i suppose to meet? I call Justin. "Hey bruhh who's the dude i'm suppose to meet?" i ask. "He said to go to the back and into the deck." he said. "Okay thanks!" i smiled. i walk up near the deck. "Excuse me are you Skylar Duncan?" the waiter asks. "Yes." i reply. she guided me to the deck. And there was a hot guy well i didn't really see his face, staring down at his shoes. "Umm hi i'm Skylar Duncan." i smile. He stood up. and tilted his head. I gasp. I feel like a idiot. "Justin?" i ask dumbfounded. "What the fuck are you doing here?" "Well, i'm your date." he winked as he set his phone down. i sat down across from him at the rounded table with roses on top as a accessory. For the first few Minutes we didn't talk much. "Ill ask one more time do you like me?" he asks. Fuck Yes but at the same time i'm not sure. "I don't know i mean to be honest i like you more than a friend but at the same time its like your a brother to me.." he pressed his lips against mine. Sparks Flashed and flew it didn't want to let go because i was afraid this feelings won't come back. He ended the kiss and pecked my lips. "How about now?" he questioned. 

i was shocked. At least where we were sitting at was like in a private room that costs extra money. i blush like what the fuck he kissed me. But it was nice. I looked up his faced all red and he was looking away. I was about to say something till my phone rang. "Da fuck is this?" "Umm this is the hospital..." shit. "Yes?" i say as kindly as possible ruining my fucking date. "Your dad needs the money...NOW if he doesnt have the surgery today he wont survive within 24 hours." My phones dropped rock hard to the ground. I grabbed my purse and ran! "Where are you going?" "TO THE HOSPITAL!!!!" I Scream as a car pulled up besides me."Get in" it was Justin how is he so quick? i hopped in and we both head to the hospital.

It took about 5 hours to get there. We arrive at the hospital. Panting. I ran to the front desk. "What room is Austin Duncan in?" i ask. "Let me check." ... "Room 314." the nurse answered. "Thank you so much!" i went up the elevators and find room 314. "DADDY!" I scream. "Baby." my dad's voice cracked. His voice sound weird like a dying horse. Very sad. The doctor came in the room with a clipboard. "Hi you must be Skylar Duncan." "Yes." i say. "Do you have the money ready?" i check my purse. $1029 more than enough to cure my dad into treatment. "Yes i do here's the money." i gave him the envelope. "Thank you we will perform the surgery in a couple minutes. Then he left to get the others. "Daddy you'll be fine. You'll be fine..." Tears streamed down my eyes. I tried wiping them off but it flowed down. "I'm sorry to show you this kind of face dad." i laughed. "Its okay darling." he smiled. "So who's this?" he asks.  "This is Justin...Bieber..." i say. "Oh that famous popstar kid?" "Yeah. hes my age." I laugh. "You two dating?" i blush, "Yeah." Justin replied first. "I promise that i wont disrespect your daughter and ill love her and take care of her till the very end." he said. "That's my future son in law right there." he laughed for a few moments then coughed. "You okay?" "Yes i'm fine and ill be better soon. he smiled. as his dry lips cracks along the sides. As daddy went in surgery Just and I waited outside in the lobby. When people passed by they would stare at me or both of us a international popstar with just a normal teenage girl."Dont mind they'll probably do that haha." "Personal expirence?" i laugh. "Yup." we both laugh. "So tell me how many boyfriends have you had?" ...."5.." i say. "How bout you?" "3..." i said. "I feel like a whore now.." he laughed and hugged. An hour passed by the doctors came out with the results. "Umm darling, The surgery...didn't go well...He couldn't make it." "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY?" I Yelled. "I'm so sorry." "SORRY CANT FIX ANYTHING YOU FUCKING ASS. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU A DOCTOR IF YOU SAVE A LIFE...." Tears flew our my eyes like a shotgun. Justin hugged me and kissed my forehead repeatedly. "Its okay, it will be alright." He whispered in my ear. As a drifted off the sleep. sorry.....

[1 Week Later]:

It was my fathers funeral. They day of the dead the day where my life is about to end. The day when your suppose to ball. I didn't i just stood there. At the picture of my dad on top of the funeral bed. There was a lot of people there crying. And most of them went up to me saying sorry. i just nod my head in response. 
Time for my lovely speech i have to say in front of everyone. "Hey everyone...This letter/note is for my dad. Um i just want to start out saying that everyone here thank you for coming. I appreciate that." I start reading the Letter/speech for my dad. "Dear dad...well now in heaven i'm sorry for the times that we fought that when i wished that you were gone. But the next thing i knew was the your were the most important person in my life. I love you dad and the fact that your gone right now. I feel empty, Lonely, Gone, Broken. I'm not sure what to do right now... The fact that i have to pay the house rental myself now kind of sucks. I'm sorry..." My eyes start to water. Noo it cant water. I need to be strong, but the tears wont stop it just kept streaming down my face. I scream noo i cant be crying i run out of the funeral home to my house. When in locked all the doors and got my razor out. I'm going to be gone. I cant stand it here. I miss you daddy. Time to be by your side. I start from my wrist..

A/N*: sorry i didnt update in like 4 months i had alot with marching band and school now so sorry.

No comment = No update :3 have a wonderful day my lovelys. 


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