I don't want to be yours. I don't want to be anybodies. I want to be me. I want to be Boston. I want to forget about the past and live my life. I want to be noticed but unnoticed by you. Leave me alone, Liam, because this time we really will kill each other. Don't try and find me, because I don't want my memories to haunt me like they happened yesterday. Like Hollywood says, two celebrities never make it out alive. And we are the perfect example.


13. water droplets

I woke up on my stomach, my naked body covered in white coverings. I heard my shower water running and no Liam beside me so I figured he was in there. My sun-bleached hair fell over my shoulders as I sat up, not caring to cover myself. 

The balcony door were open, like they always were and the sun was high. It had to be close to noon, but the the roar of an elephant's trunk and the close stomping reminded me where I was at. 

I pulled my fingers through my hair, trying to figure out how to make Liam feel better about the past events. I wish I felt as bad as him, but I didn't. 

I never did tell him some of my secrets and maybe that's one of the reasons I was so calm about this. I wasn't ready to tell him about that past story, I just wanted to make him feel good. 

I wanted him to feel protective and everything he should be. 

I glanced at the bathroom door as I pushed the mosquito netting to the side and walked on my tip toes as I slowly opened the door. The bathroom was steamed and I could see the outline of his naked body through the mosaic glass. 

I made little noise closing the bathroom door and placed my hands on the handle of the shower door and slowly opening it. 

He looked up through his eyelashes, the water droplets falling off the thin pieces of hair. 

There was no talking as I stepped into the white shower, closing the glass door. I let the water drench me. My fingers indented into Liam's chiseled chest, right above his erected nipples. The goosebumps were raising on his flesh as I slowly looked up at him. 

The water hit my forehead as he brought his hands down and onto my neck, cradling my head. In seconds his lips were caressing mine. The water trying its hardest to get between us, something we would eventually allow. 

Our lips soon rose to grow puffy and when we opened our eyes the water fell around our lashes. 

"You did nothing wrong," I said to him. 

"How can I ever make love to you again without thinking about you being hurt." 

"Don't think about that," his eyes connected with mine. "Just make love to me, please. Make me feel something familiar."

"Bo," he said almost exhausted. 

"Please," I started. "Do it for us. Rebuild that connection between us. I wanted to be connected to you, in every way possible, Liam." 

I placed my arms around his neck and he lifted me up. My legs wrapped around his hips as I felt the head of him teasing my entrance. 

"Make me yours," I said down to him. "All over again, make me yours."

His eyes searched all over mine as I felt his hand run past my thigh and then he was slowly entering me. 

I exhaled, my eyes closing slowly. My toes curling, my ankles pushing into his lower back. He started to thrust and soon I was taking all off him. His groans started to grow louder, the water running down my back on onto his shaft before it runs to the floor. 

He dropped his head onto my shoulder and I placed kisses down the back of his neck. We stayed like that, with him slowly going in and out of me. My moans escaping in his skin as he grunted with each thrust. 

"I love you so much, Bo," he muttered. 

"I know," I kissed him again. 

I soon felt the porcelain of the shower beneath me as he lowered us to the ground. My head leaned gently against the padded sides as my legs stayed circled around his hips. He was now able to thrust into me harder and faster. 

I extended my neck as I felt him deep inside of me. My fingernails making scratch marks up and down his back. 

"Liam," I moaned. "L-Liam. Don't stop, please."

He was good at knowing when a girl was close to a climax. He was a master at knowing and he knew I was close. I soon felt his fingers touch my clitoris, making circles that made me almost scream with pleasure. 

He bent low, whispering into my ear. "Come for me, love." 

"Oh," I moaned and then I was lost as my muscles around his shaft started to spasm into a world of ecstasy. 

He slowly moved around my orgasm, making the pleasure even more sensitive. He grunted with the newfound tightness around him and soon his own speed started to pick up. 

My moans started to grow again as I found my next orgasm and he had me spasming around him once again which sent him over the edge. He pulled himself out of my, finishing his orgasm with his hand as his cum, his white substance, came across my stomach. 

I loved his warmness touching me. Only he had this power over me. I loved every part of him, everything to me was perfection. 

He took a wash cloth and cleaned my stomach and then with the water still hitting us he let himself fall on top of me. His head laying on my breasts as he used his fingers to swirl water circles into my scarred thighs. 

We were so alike. We might have different opinions and thoughts, but our bodies matched. Scars to go with scars. Puzzle pieces. 

I let my fingers go through his wet hair. I picked up a light blue box of cigarettes that I had for these stressed out moments. I lit one and Liam smelled the sweet smoke and used his foot to turn the water off. I inhaled a few time before handing it to him.

"I wish this moment would never end," I breathed. He didn't speak, but kept making swirls over my lined scars, and taking long drags on the cigarette before handing it back to me. "For this moment we are one, we are infinite, aren't we?" 

He looked up at me, his chin laying over the roundness of my breast. "We are lovers, so yes we are infinite." 

I inhaled the tobacco. "Yes. Our loving is to live infinitely." 

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