My Tragedy

'I know that we are different, Or that we will never be an item. But it’s worth a try, right?'

21 year old Grace Walker, a former victim of a rape investigation has been released into the real world, moving in with her childhood friend Alexandra Wilson, and her brother Samuel who are there to keep her mind occupied from her childhood terror. Letting herself investigate her new life, she finds herself in a tangle of confusion, growing feelings for Samuel Knowing her best friend would not approve of her choices she tries to distract herself by forcing feelings on to her recent met relationship Blake Walters. but instead of letting herself forget, she finds herself in the same danger she had been put through years back. Although Samuel knows it’s none of his business, he keeps a close watch on her recent choice of relationships, and unravels Blake’s history of violence. Will he be too late to save Grace from re living her father’s terror?



1. Flashback

*FLASH BACK: June 15th 2001 tragedy 

Fetching my backpack from the school bus I hung it over my shoulders and pushed the tangled hair out of my eyes, “I’ll see you later, gracie!” Alex yelled as the bus pulled away from my stop, I waved happily seeing her disappear into the fog of our wintery town. I felt the smile fade as I turned to face my front door. A lump in my throat had formed as my sweaty palms fiddled with my shredded pockets on my denim jeans. The curtain had shifted as my fathers peeking eye had noticed my presence. I pushed the door open to the television blaring, and the intoxicating smell of alcohol filled my nostrils. “oh, good your home” my father slurred. I nervously nodded as he placed his beer slamming against the surface of our wooden table. He walked towards me pulling my braided hair making me scream. “Shut up!” he demanded pushing me into his bedroom. “Please daddy” I whimpered, feeling the fresh tears trail down my pale cheeks. “Please what?” He smirked and I sobbed. “Please, don’t hurt me” I begged as he slammed his door closed.

He had peeled my clothes off and threw them out of my reach, he had taken everything away from me, my friends and my innocence. I cried myself to sleep, un able to move from his tight grip. I wanted nothing more but to be removed from this house. For months he has been forcing himself onto me, un able to compete with his strength I let my body fall limp. “What do you think you’re doing?” he questioned. Before I could answer, the front door had slammed closed. “Gracie?” Alex’s charmed voice had called. “Alex!” I screamed, my fathers hand had furiously covered my mouth and footsteps had come closer.  “Grace?” Alex knocked on the wooden door. It slowly moved it’s hinges as the light seized itself through. Her eyes widened and a male figure was beside her, It was Samuel. Her older brother by three years,  alex and I were thirteen years old. My father had removed himself from the bed and I nervously pulled the covers over my body and started to sob. Alex crawled beside me handing me my clothing, as I heard shattering glass in the living room and a furious Samuel raising his voice at my father. “Gracie, what happened to you?” she cried, grabbing hold of my hand.


*END OF FLASH BACK* October 31st 2009

“Grace, can you hear me?” Bill waved his hand before my eyes. “Yes, sir” I whispered and he frowned. “Grace, my name is Bill, you don’t call me otherwise” he ordered. “I need to know that you are going to be okay out there on your own” he worried. “I wont be on my own, sir – I mean bill” I stated quietly. Alex was seated out in the visitors lounge, with Samuel seated beside her. Bill had his arm protectively rested on my lower back as he was leading me out to be taken away. “Oh grace!” Alex stood and ran over and pulled me into a warming hug, her features still look similar to when she was young, her long brunette curls flowing over her shoulders with her slim body and blue eyes. My body shifted at UN ease at her touch. “Alex, be careful” Sam warned. I have been under strong supervision for 8 years, after being seated in court to see my father be sent behind bars was the last time I had seen him. From then on I had been in foster care, more like a recovery ward for young teenagers. But now I was 21 years of age, things have changed. “You’re going to be okay, Gracie” Alex promised, I smiled as her eyes were filled with so much excitement of my departure. She had waited months for this day, after years of visiting, and taking me out occasionally to the mall to fetch myself a new set of clothes for the ward, other than that my life has been filled with councilors, and doctors checking my body health and keeping my stable, and now I was faced with the real world, to cope on my own, and Alexandra and Samuel had promised to stay by my side and help me through my upcoming challenges, and that eased my stomach, I wasn’t alone.



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