"They took all of our friends. They took the rest of our family. And they'll take you if they find you."

All of Reina's loved ones have been taken by Jackson DeGraff and his small crew of kidnapping masterminds. They have accused her of killing their once-thriving army of kidnappers and crime-doers. They've taken everyone she loves, but they still haven't taken her. Now, Reina's running for her life, out to prove to Jackson that she is completely innocent. Will Reina clear her name in time to save her life? Or will Jackson finally get his revenge?


3. Chapter Three

       I awoke suddenly to the sounds of feet, hammering hard against the rough ground outside. I could tell they were headed for me. I immediately looked around for an exit, other than the door, but it was still pitch black, so looking was no use whatsoever. I couldn’t think straight, so I just started running into the walls purposely, trying to find something. It took me a few tries, but I eventually hit a window. I tried to open it, then realized that it wasn't going to just open, so I had to force it open, and soon got it opened enough for me to climb out.

       As I stumbled out of it, I looked over my shoulder to see Jackson and his crew running after me. I dashed off away from them, but it was useless. They’re gaining on you. Think, Reina, think. I ran faster, because I couldn't figure anything out. But, fortunately, after five minutes of serious thought, I decided to mislead them on my trail.

       As I boosted myself ahead, I could hear Jackson yelling to his crew. “Bones, you catch up to her; Charlie, you try to get in front of her and stop her.”

       "But, boss. What if we can't catch her? She is pretty fast, ya know," Bones yelled back to him.

       "BONES!" Charlie was about to call him out. This is about to get good. "WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON? HERS OR OURS?" I laughed for a second, then went back to being serious.

       This is my only shot to try to escape them. You can do it, Reina. For family. They need you. Their lives depend on yours. Don't let them down now. While they were busy positioning themselves to try and catch me, I made a sharp turn to the left and hid behind the nearest dumpster. I peeked my head from behind it and watched them turn to the right. They look like they know I went right. HAHAHAHA!!! SUCKERRRRRRRRRRRRRS!!!!!!!!! I watched for behind the dumpster until they were out of sight, then I jumped up and ran for it as fast as I could before they decided to turn around and come after me this way.

       After more hours spent among running, jogging, walking, hyperventilating, and throwing-up, I arrived at a rest stop just inside the city line of Chadron, Nebraska. I stopped and spent what little money I had left to buy an energy bar and a bottle of water. As soon as I bought them, I ripped open the energy bar and scarfed it down without even tasting it and guzzled down the water faster than the speed of light. If I hadn't eaten soon, I would've died from hunger and thirst.

       I went to the restroom to change my clothes. Luckily, the store also sold clothes, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, etc. I switched from my dirty, ragged jeans and t-shirt into some shorts and a tanktop.

       I stared at the mirror in my deep, vivid blue eyes. I saw my mother when I looked in the mirror. I looked so much like her. And so does Emily, my sister. Don't worry, Mom. I'll find you guys. Just trust me.

       After I had brushed out my thick, red, knotted curls, I put them up in a ponytail. I took one last look in the mirror to make sure I looked decent before leaving the bathroom. I told the cashier that if three guys showed up later looking for me, I was never there. He said OK and I headed to the door.

       Once I was outside, I looked both ways and then made a mad-dash down the street, even though I was sure I had left Jackson miles behind me. I had all of my energy back, so I was able to push myself forward for a few more hours. “Don’t let them find you”. I repeated Matt's words over and over in my head. Don't worry, Matt. I'll find you. I promise. With that in mind, I was able to push on, knowing that I was putting more distance between me and “The Pack”.

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