Starlight Starbright (One Direction FanFiction)

(Takes place before One Direction becomes a band).
Petra is starting her first year at a new school; a boarding school, along with three other new kids. Kate, Niall, and Liam. Most of these kids have flown from all across the world to become a part of this school others just across the country. Its not too easy coming from such a far ways away to go to a school you'd never even heard of according to Irishman Niall Horan. And he also never intended to get caught into the worst love triangle of his life.


2. Chapter 1 (Part 1)

Niall's POV:
It was hard walking off the plane alone. Hard getting my feet to walk to that bus that would be taking me away to some school I didnt even want to go to. It was hard to say goodbye to my family. They never even explained why they sent me here to America. It was weird coming from the streets in Mullingar, to my flat, to leave my friends and start anew in a country I had never even been in before. I grabbed my few bags and trudged my way toward the entrance and my exit. The airport smelled of sweat of the packed people (why there was so many people I'll never know, maybe it was a New York thing) to the smell of grease from the food court to my left. On my right wafted the delicious smell of something sweet which I noticed was a small bakery that also surved coffee. I froze when I saw the angel sitting against the counter. She had bags at her side and a map of the city in her hands and was talking to the man behind the counter. Her blonde hair was shoulder length, I couldnt see her eye color from where I stood, but she was still just as beautiful. I shook myself mentally. I was never really the one to just run up and say hi. I mean I could be. But not to a pretty girl, not like that. I wasnt too attractive though I was told all the time I was. But I guess thats how it always was. Everyone loved how 'attractive' you were when you're relfection just showed garbage.


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