forever charmed

Harry, Niall, and Liam are all normal guy (cousins infact) they were raised by there grandma heather because thier mothers were died in an unknown way and thier fathers left when they found out what they were witches harry,niall, and liam dont know till one night when they finally came together after thier grandmother died
please give me feedback its my first story so dont judge


1. forever charmed

Liam POV
"okay okay calm down liam all you have to do is just get this to the auction house before jenny comes in" I told myself.. im 27 and i work at an auction house boring as hell but pays the bills .Jenny is my boss me and her had a small fling okay well not small we were gonna get married but i fucken caught her cheating on me in her office with someone blond probably asshole of a cousin. as i was finishing my work jenny calls me "liam can you please come to my office we have to talk" she trys to act so innocent "okay be there in a little" i get up and walk down to her office...i dont know why she just cant come to my office she is literally down the hall i reach to her office and i see her just sitting on her desk with her black hair in a messy bun a button um blouse with her mini work skirt and her horrible makeup "ah liam i just wanted to say you can go home now we dont need any help just come by the auction house at 8:00am sharp kay?" she sounded like a 13 year old when she says kay "um okay just let me send this offer to one of my clients okay.." "okie dokey" i ran back to my office i shiped the offer to my client and all i have to do is wait for his response.......i got an email i immediately checked it and a bunch of blah blah blah and he said...HE WANTED TO BUY IT! i closed that laptop and headed home i wondered what harry made for dinner? 
Harry POV
all i have to do is tell liam that niall is comeing back to live with us....okay that wont be to hard i think maybe if i maybe if i make his favorite food maybe something choclatey umm how about choclate fudge brownies..PERFECT....hopefully he wont get to angry he has this idea wear he ex fiance cheated on him with niall. While im makeing the brownies i hear someone come it i check who it is and its liam "mmmm something smells good" "ohh just makeing brownies" i say with my smile "what happened" liam always knows when something up "umm niall is comeing to live here....with us"uh oh he looks furious.."when were you pkaning to tell me and why is he living here??" woah to many questions umm uhh "well um i was planning to tell you a week ago but you were to busy and come on liam hes in debt.." "how long have you known about this?.." shit hes gonna be mad "um a week or two..." "thanks for shareing" dammit i knew he was gonna be pissed "when is he comeing" niall comes bursting in "you guys should find a better hideing place for the spare key" i run over to hug niall "its good to see you isnt it liam" liam just fake smiles i swear to god even though hes the oldest he needs to grow up im 24 and niall is 21 i go to get the brownies to enlighten the mode but when i get thier   they say they arent hungry like i swear to god they have to get over it and niall is never hungry so i get the food n a weegy board beacause me and niall love that kind of stuff n some blankets and head to his room
Niall POV
SEROUSLY!! liam has to belive me i didnt touch her who the hell the blond dude was is probably a clone...hahaha nawww as i was bout to go to sleep harry comes in with a bunch of junk he puts it down we start talking bout liam eat and then we started to mess with the weegy board thats when some thing wierd happens it moves by it self me n harry start screaming liam runs over accusing me that i was pushing the pointer i dont care i right down what its saying "what is it saying"harry asked scardly "A.T.T.I.C....attic" "the attics been locked so how can we go in..."liam asked then the power goes out liam says "okay calm down harry niall lets go to downstairs "nope im going up stairs"i say confidently i run to the attic i try to open it but it wont budge i try a few more times...i give up as i turn around the door opens i go inside and theres a giant book that says charmed i open up and i start to read out loud "Hear now the words of the witches, The secrets we hide in the night. The oldest of gods are invoked here, The great magic is sought. In this night and in this our i call upon the ancient powers. bring your power to we brothers three we want the power give us the power we want the power?..." what the hell?

AVU...i think
im sorry if its boring but it gets good later i promise please give me feedback


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