Passageway to Heaven

Kassidy White and Luke Hemmings go on an unbelievable journey to get their way inside of Heaven. Will they make it through, or will they be stuck on Earth forever?
*For the Afterlife Writing Competition*
3014 Words


3. Chapter 3

What? It wasn't over. I look over to Luke in shock and his expression is the same. 
"We can do this, close your eyes and first lets go to Ghana, Africa."
I simply nods. We close our eyes and in an instance we are there. 
"I'm so glad we don't have to do this alone." Are the first words that come out of my mouth. He turns and pulls me into a hug. Af first I was tense, but then I gave away and hugged him back.  
"Me too" He replies breaking the hug. We look around to see that we are standing around in a pile of rubble. I pull Luke to the top of the pile and we see we are right outside off a children's hospital.
"What are we going to here?"
"Well, if we have to help the children here, we have to see what they are going through first." I smile at him, Without him, I honestly knew I wouldn't be doing this. I would probably be crying in that same white room. 
We walk into the hospital, and I stood there in shock.  There were rows and rows of children in hospital beds everywhere, mothers crying, and stressed nurses.
"How may I help you?" It was the voice of a middle aged women behind the service desk.
"We were actually wondering if we could look around here for a bit, if that's ok?"
"Yeah, I can have someone show you around if you like?" She had a big pleasing smile.
"That would be great! Thank you!" 
Another middle aged women comes up to us and says, "Follow me". She walks through another room and we see many more sick children. Luke pulls out his phone and seems to videotaping something. 
"These kids here, most of them have malaria or some other disease. They are too weak to cry or move. All their moms can do is watch them die. All they need is one thing that is out of reach. It only takes 5 euros to give them a vaccine to save their lives, but that is 5 euros they don't have" She guides us through many more rooms full of more ill children. I can't stop myself from tearing up. She gives us a lot more useful informations. Before we leave, we thank her and talk to a mother of a patient.
She tells us that her child can't move or talk to her anymore, and she can tel that her child can't see. It was heartbreaking to hear their stories and see what they have experienced first-hand. By the time me and Luke actually leave, we both are crying. 
The next two days after the first, we spend the whole day going to different hospitals, talking to different people in the hospital and out. 
The night of the third day we arrive back at the hotel that we were staying at in Ghana, Africa and lay on our beds. Neither of us could fall asleep.
"Hey, Luke?"
"Yeah, Kassi?"
"We have been looking around for three days now, what are we going to do next. There is no way that the both of us can fix this whole problem by ourselves, there is nothing that only two people can do. I don't know what to do now." I start crying and Luke comes over to my bed and brushes of the tears on my cheeks. 
He sits on the edge of my bed and tells me, "Your right. There is nothing that just two people can do. There are way to many people to help, and only two people can't do that. Millions of people can though." 
"I'm not following?" How are we going to get millions of people to do that?
"You see how I have been recording all the interviews and places we go. I never planned any of that for me. My idea is that we make this footage into a video, and don't worry because neither of us are in it."
"Thats brilliant, but what are we going to do with the video Luke?" 
"You see, we have to get it known. I don't know how yet, but somehow."
"I can research some ways. You go and make the video tomorrow and I will find out how."
Both of us are quiet because we know that we can do it. "This is actually going to work." I say out loud.
"It will, goodnight"

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