Passageway to Heaven

Kassidy White and Luke Hemmings go on an unbelievable journey to get their way inside of Heaven. Will they make it through, or will they be stuck on Earth forever?
*For the Afterlife Writing Competition*
3014 Words


2. Chapter 2

Luke and I walked toward the bright light. I didn't know what I was doing, but this was the only option I had. While I was walking my leg gets caught on a tree branch on the ground and I almost fall over.
Luke must have felt me stumble because he quickly has his arms around my waist. We exchange a smile and he says, "Hey, we're in this together now". I simply nod.
Nothing that has happened yet has really processed through my mind, but I know one thing now. After you die it's still like your living, you just aren't really alive. If Luke hadn't caught me, I would have fallen and gotten hurt. The thing I just discovered was true, you could interact with people that are dead when you are dead just like how I acted with the living when I was still alive. When.
I glance over at Luke. He was the only person I had now. He was sweet and I had never, ever, felt like this before. Was there still love after death? Was love even what this feeling I get for him is called? Questions of all sorts rush into my mind as we approach the light.
We both look at each other and simply nod. We interlock our fingers and step into the light at the same time. Within an instant of having stepped in we arrive to our destination. All I can see from where we stand is someone right in front of us behind a booth. The rest of what lays ahead is covered by a thick fog. 
"There's someone over there" I say to Luke as I point in the direction of the man.
"We have to go to him." 
"Alright" I was quiet,but I knew he heard. As we come in front of the booth we see a middle aged man with gray hair peeking out of the hat he wears. On the hat, a label read,"ANGEL". The man seemed like no angel, he wore no wings. It was as if he were a real person.
"Name?" He asks us. His voice monotone. 
"Kassidy White" I reply. 
"Luke Hemmings" Luke says. 
"Cause of death?" He is quickly writing everything down on a piece of paper.
"We both were in a car crash" Luke stutters a bit, but then keeps talking. " With each other".
He looks up and raises one eyebrow, then looks back down and starts writing. 
"Give me your hand." My and Luke both exchange a glance before we both place our hands on the booth. The man pulls out a pen like object and brings it to my hand first. He places the tip on my palm and clicks a button. I see that he has just pricked a hole small enough for a small amount of blood do come out of my hand. He does the same to Luke before taking my hand and pulling it over to a scale. He then tilts my hand so the blood drops right in the middle of it. I watch as a small screen clicks in front. 
"Heaven, next" I stare wide eyed at what just happened, as the man takes Luke's hand and drops the blood in the same spot. Blood was what decides your final destination?
I hear another click as the man says, "Heaven". 
"You both take the path to your right" As the man finished saying the sentence I now see a field and opening in the fog to the right. Luke and I interlock hands as we walk to it. There it was. A field full of flowers and a bridge on top of a river connecting both sides of land. 
"Are you ok?" I hear Luke ask me"
"Um yeah, just a little surprised, that's all"
"Yeah, me too."
"Should we cross over the bridge?" I knew it was a dumb question, but I asked anyways.
"I guess we have no other choice,". We both pass over the bridge and we are surprised too see that instead of what we thought we would see, heaven, we were in a white room.
"What are we doing in here?" I asked Luke.
"I have no idea." He responds. "HELLO!? Anyone here?". No response. 
"Luke! Look over there!"We both rush over to it, a piece of paper on the floor.
It read: 
Heaven requires more to get into. It isn't that simple. You must complete a task in order to really come through the doors to Heaven. If you fail to complete this, then your soul will be damned to roam Earth the rest of eternity. 
Your task: As you may know, or may not know, There are children in many parts of Africa that are dying each day from different diseases. You must find how to save them. As this task is hard for an individual, you are allowed to parter up and complete this. You have exactly one week. You will be reincarnated for that long. In no way are you allowed to communicate with anyone that may have known you in our past life. Failing to do any of these tasks will damn you to Earth. After completing this task, and seeing improvement, you will be brought back here on your own. Once you are ready, close your eyes and think of your destination. For the remainder of the period you stay on Earth, this will be how you travel, but this may only work if there is no one around.


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