What he did

Emma met Harry on holiday, every yer in France, a long distance relationship. Harry's family decided to move up to Suffolk for his dads job and Emma lives there too! This has been Emma's dream but when her best friend Clara and Harry flirt and try to have an opportunity to get intimite, Emma starts to see this is more than innocent flirting, they are in love.


1. Perfection

I can't believe it! Harry is going to live here, down the road! I would have to start looking my best everyday rather than going out half asleep, hair let down and my breath smelling like a wet dog, it would be like me going to a special occasion everyday. Yes, I know what you are thinking, overreacting but if you saw Harry you would understand! To give an example, the second time abroad to the same hotel when I had met Harry,  my mum and dad went out to a restaurant and my sister went out as well so I had to stay somewhere ( being 15 but the hotel didn't allow me alone in the house) and since mum and dad had gotten along great with my new boyfriends (harry!) parents, I was going to stay with them. I had to sleep on a blow up bed which was a bit disappointing since I was looking forward to cuddling up to Harry all night but we managed to sneak little snogs and cuddles in during the night! Anyway, Harry woke up and looked like he had just been at a stylist, I felt so rubbish so before he could take a glance at me, I ran through to the bathroom and quickly made myself look as sexy and hot as anyone could in the morning and ran through towards Harry. I had changed into my skimpiest bikini suit and jumped on Harry, put my arms around his neck and started kissing him and slowly slipping my tongue in. Harry's mum was so much more calm and loose, she walked right in on this and just smiled a big cheesy grin and walked out. I am seventeen now and Harry and I are in a great relationship as we could fly back and forth to each other frequently! Harry was due to arrive on Friday night so that gave me a week to look amazing! 

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