Artistically In Love (Zayn Malik One-Shot)

Zayn thinks his life is over. He thinks there's nothing left to live for. Then he meets Mia. A girl who changes his perspective on life just by drawing.


1. One-Shot staring Mia (My Best Friend)

The beeping noise was a normal everyday thing for Zayn, he was used to the darkness, then the brightness of the sun. He was used to spacing out for hours at a time, just imagining life beyond these walls. What else is there to do at a hospital? He was used to all the pointless tests his doctors insisted on doing on him, he never got excited when the doctors told him they had a break through. He was just tired of the heart break that came shortly after when they told him they found nothing, or the treatment didn't do as they had hoped it would. He was tired of seeing his friends and family's sad faces when they came to visit him, they would always look at him with sadness and regret. He didn't ever know what they were regretful for, all he could think of was they were regretful for not doing more with Zayn before he went into the hospital. That's why he asked them to stop coming. He knew they were saddened by the request, but he had to do it. He couldn't take their sorrowful glances and always bothering the doctor about his lung cancer. Yes Zayn has lung cancer, he was diagnosed two years ago. His doctors told him to keep his head up and be optimistic about his cancer. He shortly realized this was all bullshit. He was hospitalized in London and was told he couldn't leave until they could stop his cancer from spreading. They still, after a year, haven't been able to do so. Hence Zayn hides in his room ignoring all that dare to enter it. He hates what he has become, he hates not being allowed to see his other friends, but he doesn't want them to see him like this. He didn't want to have to explain what the doctors had told him about his cancer, he didn't want to tell them that it was incurable. So he spent his days in his hospital bed trying to think of happier times, he stayed in his room and ate all his meals in bed watching some stupid soap opera on the TV. One afternoon, about three weeks into his new treatment that was supposed to save his life, but of course he knew better than to believe that. His nurse Lou Teasdale had come into his room and tried to talk him into joining the other cancer patients for their usual three hour free time. They just threw all of the patients into a room filled with instruments, art supplies, and books. They told them to go have fun, which Zayn never seemed to have. He would always deny going and just ignore Lou's, constant pleas. Today was different, he had denied the invitation at first, but he couldn't ignore her today. He seemed to be unable to block out her pleas. He sighed and slowly pulled himself out of the lumpy hospital bed slipping on some socks and shoes. Lou seemed pleased that she had finally accomplished getting this boy to join them.


"It will be fun Zayn. I promise" She smiled helping Zayn stand up and walking him to the wheel chair that all patients had to use, even if they could walk. Zayn just grunted in protest but fell into the wheel chair allowing Lou to wheel him down the white hallway to the large room at the end of it. He had been in the room only once, after that he had decided to never return. He went in there about a year ago, he didn't have fun. The second he got in there a curly haired lad had wandered over to him, the kid couldn't have been older than 19. He had dark brown curls and bright green eyes, he seemed way too happy to have any sort of cancer. He just disliked the lad for being so happy. The boy came up to him and bombarded him with questions. He asked him about his lung cancer, to which Zayn had become angry and tried to ignore the boy. Only to have one of his friends walk over and ask why I was being such an arse to his friend Harry. Of course the curly haired lad would have a name like Harry, it just was perfect for him. His friend had light brown hair that he had in a beanie. He had blue eyes that would watch over his friend harry in a very protective manor. Zayn figured he would just ignore these two. He had found that if he wheeled himself to the corner of the room most people would stay away from him, that was his plan for today. Once Lou had wheeled him inside she left him to 'have fun with the others' Zayn just rolled his eyes and tried to roll his chair to the corner ignoring the glances from both Harry and his friend, who he still to this day doesn't know his name. He rolled to the corner where the art supplies were. He thought it would be a safe place since most of the patients didn't use the stuff, they used these three hours to socialize with the others. He sat there watching some of the others smile and laugh almost as if they weren't sick. How could people act as if nothing was wrong with them? It seemed crazy to Zayn. They were all doomed to a tragic end to their short lives and they pretend as if they weren't capable of dropping dead tomorrow. Which could actually happen to any of them. He sat their watching not really paying attention to the light brown haired girl walking towards Zayn. She was new to the world of cancer. This lovely girl was named Mia. She was just diagnosed with brain cancer about six months ago, her doctor had told her she couldn't go home, that her cancer was too large. She has to wait until the doctors can shrink the mass in her brain. She was used to the daily free times, she enjoyed going to them. You see she has always had a gift with art, she loves to draw and paint. Before she was caught up in this deadly disease called cancer, you could easily find her in her room painting her favorite cartoons or actors. She has always had this gift of art, she doesn't know how great she is though. She would never take a compliment no matter who it was from. During her time here at the hospital you could find Mia at the art section during her three hours of free time. She would constantly be doodling some of the more attractive patients here at the hospital. So as usual she had wondered over to the art supplies glancing over at the raven haired boy in the corner. She had never seen the boy before, but she wasn't going to lie to herself. He was hot. She blushed as she made her way over trying not to stare, she sat down at the table and pulled out her sketch book. She flipped through the many pictures of her new roommate in her hospital room. She was one of the few patients here that couldn't afford a single room, she got stuck with a roommate. She didn't mind it, her roommate was a boy by the name of Liam. He was very sweet to her and allowed her to draw him during her hours in bed. He and she shortly became best friends. They would tell each other anything and everything. She smiled at the latest picture of Liam, he was smiling and looking out the window, probably thinking about his girlfriend Danielle.


"You drew that?" Zayn asked not really sure how he had gotten the urge to speak to the girl. Mia nodded and blushed at the thought of the raven haired boy looking through her sketch book.


"You're very good at drawing. I'm Zayn." Zayn introduced himself rolling his chair closer to the girl. Mia smiled and flipped her sketchbook to a fresh page, wondering if it would be weird if she asked to draw the new friend she made.


"I'm Mia. Is it weird if I draw you?" She asks fearlessly. Zayn chuckles and shook his head. He had never met a girl who seemed so carefree and courageous to just go right out and ask someone if she could draw them. It made him feel something inside his stomach, but he couldn't quite put his finger on the feeling.


"No, how should I pose?" Zayn laughs striking a pose. Mia's breath hitches at the beautiful raven haired Zayn in front of her. He had perfect cheek bones and such a prominent face. She could sit here and draw him for hours. She felt something she hadn't felt in a long time, she felt butterflies erupting in her stomach.


"You can just go back to what you were doing, I can draw you better like that" She blushed pulling out her pencil. She started drawing him. Little did she know this was the start of something she never thought she would experience again. Zayn also was unaware of the feelings he would soon be feeling for this young girl that he found very attractive.




"Okay done!" Mia laughed pulling out her sketchbook once she had found her way into the lounge. She and Zayn had made it their usual meeting place by the art supplies. They have been meeting here every day for the past week. Zayn had found himself falling for this girl, he thought he would never get this feeling anymore. He thought he would never be able to feel the butterflies that take over his stomach every time he thinks of Mia. He wanted nothing more than to tell her how he feels, he thought he liked her more than a friend. Hell he thought he was possibly in love with her. He is a sap who believes in love at first sight. He didn't want to scare her away though, he didn't want to ruin the relationship he was slowly building with Mia.


She flipped through the pages until she landed on the drawing of Zayn. She passed him the notebook and watched Zayn's expressions. Zayn smiled at the beautiful work of art in front of him. She had captured everything about Zayn in such a simple drawing. He wasn't even looking straight at her. He was staring off at nothing. It was a side view of Zayn but the intensity she put in his eyes made the whole drawing seem so real. He bit his bottom lip and tried to come up with the perfect words to describe how he was feeling.


"It's beautiful. Thank you Mia." Zayn blushed looking up into Mia's green-blue eyes. They have touches of hazel in them. Zayn found himself getting lost in them, they were so pretty. Lou came over to them interrupting their moment.


"I'm sorry you two, but Zayn needs to go back to his room." Lou smiled as she walked around to the back of Zayn's wheel chair.


"Here" Zayn said passing Mia a small piece of paper he had hidden in his pocket. She looked down at it with a confused look. Zayn smiled and allowed Lou to wheel him back to his room. When he got to his room he found his doctor standing in his room. He was holding a clipboard in front of him looking through all the papers. He looked up when he heard the sound of Lou and Zayn making their way in.


"Hello Zayn. How are you feeling to day?" He asks. Zayn hates it when doctors do this, it's like they don't want to be the bearer of bad news but they have to. So they start off by completely ignoring the real issue.


"As good as a man with lung cancer can feel." Zayn replies. The doctor gave him a sad look and continued looking through his clipboard. He let out a sigh and looked up from his clipboard. Lou patted his shoulder and walked out of the room not wanting to be there when the doctor explained to Zayn about the sad news. Zayn sat there just waiting to hear the news, he knew it wouldn't be good. Nothing he found out from his doctor was ever good.


"Zayn, your tumor has metastasized. You don't have much longer. There is nothing any of the doctors here can do. I am sorry son." The doctor said sadly regret coating his voice. Zayn didn't even flinch. He knew something like this was bound to happen since he finally allowed himself to feel something. Since he finally allowed just one single person into his insane life. He knew it was a mistake. He should have just stayed in his bed that day Lou begged him to go out and have free time. He felt a pang of guilt run through him, he didn't mean that. He was so happy he went out that one day. If he hadn't he would have never met Mia. He would never have been allowed to feel the way he had. He loved Mia, he knew it. But now he doesn't know if he will ever be allowed to show her how he feels.


"How long?" Zayn croaked out. The doctor gave him a sad smile before he spoke.


"One, maybe two weeks tops. I am very sorry Zayn" He says before he turns around and walks out of the room. Zayn sighed and tried to not let himself feel the sadness that was threatening to erupt inside him. He pulled himself up onto his bed and laid there thinking about the events of the past week.


Down the hall back in the lounge area Mia was sitting at the table with her sketchbook slowly unrolling the piece of paper Zayn had handed her. Mia noticed small messy handwriting the second she opened the paper. She smiled at the thought of Zayn's messy scrawl. She looked it over and read the tiny note three times feeling the butterflies take flight the second she read it.


"Meet me on the roof at midnight? : )" She smiled to herself and thought about all the possibilities that could happen on that roof. Over the past week she had grown feelings for the raven haired boy. She knew he was very closed off and not wanting to open up to her, but she had managed to get him to tell her parts of his life. She had loved to hear his stories of him and his best friend Niall who would visit him before he had asked all his visitors to stop seeing him. He told her about his friend Niall, who was Irish. He told Mia how they used to get in trouble together at school all the time. She enjoyed listening to all these stories and had found that Zayn was beginning to feel more comfortable around her. As the rest of the free time came to a close she found herself walking to her room. Liam was sitting on his bed reading a book as per usual. He rarely went down to the lounge. He would rather be reading a book than talking with the other patients here.


"Hey Li" Mia greets Liam as she walks into the room. Liam looks up from his book and smiles. Looking back to his book. He wasn't much for talking sometimes, Mia knew this. She wasn't ever offended if he didn't answer her in words.


"I'm going to take a nap" Mia yawns laying down in her bed, it was already 9PM so it was her bed time anyways. Liam just went back to reading his book, not even questioning the sleeping girl in the hospital bed beside him.




Zayn woke up at 11:55 slightly confused, his nurse must have slipped him some sleeping pills or something. He doesn't normally fall asleep so early. He yawned and looked at the clock nearly having a heart attack from the time. He jumped up and slipped on his shoes walking to the door and slipping out to the hallway. He glanced to both sides making sure no one was in the hall. He slipped down the hallway as quietly as he could. He came to the stairs and slowly made his way up them. He could feel his lungs working hard to get up the stairs they were hurting by the time he got up halfway. He took a deep breath ignoring the searing pain and worked his way all the way to the roof. He got to the roof door and started thinking about Mia. What if she didn't read the note so she wouldn't know to come up here? He pushed all the bad thoughts out of his mind and brought his hand up to the door knob. He turned it slowly and pushed open the door. He walked out into the cool night air, admiring all the stars in the sky. He further onto the roof and looked around for the girl he asked up here. His eyes fell on a slender silhouette standing a few feet in front of him. He smiled, she came. He walked over to the girl and stood beside her. She turned to see him and smiled at him, she had such a nice smile. Zayn imagined waking up to that smile every day. He sadly knew that would never be possible given their situations, but a boy can dream couldn't he?


"You came" Zayn breathed trying to hide how out of breath he was from the climb up here. Mia smiled and nodded looking back out over the city. It was a beautiful view. You could see almost all of London. The lights sparkled all over from the streets, you could see every star in the sky. It was beautiful. Mia looked up at Zayn and felt the urge to kiss his lips. She had dreamt of those lips many times. She would never tell a soul, but she had drawn them as well. She had drawn them many times trying to remember ever inch of them. Zayn bit his bottom lip deciding if he should tell her how he feels or just keep it all to himself. If he told her he would have to deal with the possibility of her not returning the feelings. Zayn didn't know if that was something he could take living with. He wouldn't want to have to deal with the feeling of rejection. Plus it could really ruin their relationship. Mia watched as Zayn's face flashed so many emotions she knew she hadn't registered all of them. She was about to ask him what was the matter but he spoke first.


"I think I'm in love with you" Zayn's raspy voice spoke, if it wasn't so dark out here she was sure Zayn would be the bright color of pink from admitting his feelings to her. She grinned and felt her fast changing colors as well.


"Really? You know what's funny?" She asks flirtatiously. Zayn gave her a confused look, and allowed her to continue her thoughts.


"I think I'm in love with you too." She giggled with a big smile. Zayn felt so many emotions wash over him. He felt the feeling he got the first day he met Mia. He could finally recognize the feeling. The feeling was love. He knew one thing and one thing only, no matter how much time he had left, he wanted to spend it in the company of Mia. Zayn smiled and walked closer to Mia wrapping his arm around her waist. She giggled and leaned her head on his shoulder watching the stars in the sky. He looked down at Mia and watched her as she kept her eyes forward. She eventually looked up to see Zayn staring at her. She smiled.


"What are you looking at? The views that way!" She laughed pointing forward. Zayn winked and leaned forward. He gently pressed a kiss on Mia's lips. An eruption of butterflies and fireworks sprang to life once their lips touched. That's how Zayn knew that no matter what happened in their futures, he would never be lonely. He would always have Mia. And Mia knew the same thing, she had felt the same fireworks the second their lips touched. Mia promised herself to never stray too far away from the raven haired boy she met a week ago in the lounge. She promised herself to love him to the fullest. She didn't know how long she had left, but she wanted to spend it with Zayn. Their love was eternal, they would last forever.



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