Scarlett was ready to end it all, until the new boy showed up.


9. Chapter 9

"So Scarlett, will you be staying for dinner?" Pattie, Justin's mom, asked.

"Yes I would love too, thank you" I replied, turning to her, sending a small smile. "Do you need any help?"

"Oh if it's no trouble, would you mind setting up the table?" She asked, her voice soft.

"Yeah sure, no problem" I replied, unwrapping Justin's arms from around my waist and standing up.

"Noooo" Justin whinnied, grabbing my hand and pulling me back. "Don't leave me. I don't like being alone" he pleaded.

"Justin, I'll only be gone for a couple of minutes" I said, walking towards the table.


"You make him happy" Pattie told, handing me the plates to set up."I haven't seem him this happy in a while"

"He makes me happy too" I replied, my cheeks reddening from her confession.

"Ever since his brother died, he hasn't been the same" she confided.

"H-His brother died?" I asked, taken back that I have never heard of this.

"Oh dear, he never told you did he? Oh no I feel terrible" she said.

"No, he never told me" I replied "How did he die?"

"Sorry sweetheart, it really isn't my place to talk. Its a really touchy subject for him. He doesn't talk about it much" She confessed, turning around to face me.

"Yeah I bet" I pondered, setting down the last plate "How long ago did he die?"

"About 4 years ago" she said, stirring the food on the stove. "Justin, the foods ready"


"Hey, you okay?" Justin asked, lying down on his bed "You were quiet all throughout dinner"

"You had a brother" I said, his face turning white.

"Rose, who told you?" He asked, getting up and walking towards me.

"You had a fucking brother and you never told me? I trusted you with all my secrets and you didn't do the same." I yelled, taking a step back, tears threatening to spill from my eyes.

"Rose please don't cry, I wanted to tell you, but I couldn't" he said, gently grabbing my hands, pulling me closer.

"Don't" I hissed, attempting to push him away. " I told you everything. Why don't you tell me? Huh? Why didn't you fucking tell me?" I screamed.

"Because I couldn't, I'm not like you Rose. I try pushing it away like it never happened." he replied "And when I met you, you make me so happy. And I thought if I told you, it would freak you out ad you would leave me."

"Justin-" I began, only to be cut off by him pulling me towards his bed.

"It was four years ago, I was about 13 and he was 6.It was summer time. We were playing by this pond. My mom told us to be careful and not to go in the water. We didn't listen. And I guess his foot got caught in something and he drowned" he said, tears rolling down his cheeks. "I should have listen to my mom. I shouldn't have gone in the water. It was all my fault."

"Hey look at me, it's not your fault" I whispered gently, wiping away his tears. "You didn't know it was going to happen. Don't blame yourself"

"No it was, I was older, I should have known better." He said.

"Stop that. Stop that right now." I commanded, "It was not your fault. Okay. It was not in your hands. You had no idea that would have happened.Tell me you understand that."

"But-" he started.

"Tell me you understand that." I pleaded.

"I understand" he mumbled, barely audible.

"Good. Now come on. I want popcorn." I told, causing him to crack a small smile.

"What am I going to do with you?" he joked.

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