Scarlett was ready to end it all, until the new boy showed up.


8. Chapter 8

                                        -2 weeks later-

  "Justin can you hand me a grape?" I asked him, grabbing the tv remote to change the channel.  

"What's the magic word?" He taunted, waving a grape around my face like an airplane.  

"Please?" I said, my eyes following the grape like a little child and a pair of shiny keys.  

"Actually it's "Justin's an incredibly sexy beast"" he corrected, placing the grape between my lips.  

"I didn't know the magic word was a lie." I snickered, causing a chuckle.

  "Oh hahahah you're so funny" he informed, turning on his side "you know, I wonder if your ticklish."  

"Justin don't even think about it" I threatened, propping up my hands so I could run if he tries anything.  

"Huh, are you threatening me Miss Williams?" He asked, laying his hands in my stomach.

"Justin.No." I said, enjoying the feeling of his touch. 

  "How about yes" he replied, launching forward and tickling me, causing giggles to erupt from my lips.

  "J-Justin S-Stop" I tried catching my breath, attempting to swat his arms with my hands.  

"You're laughing. So why would I stop making you laugh?" He asked, cocking his head to the side, a small smirk tugging at his lips. "Your laugh is the most adorable thing in the world" he confessed, hiding his face in my neck, leaving a small trail of kisses.   




"Scar" he said, getting my attention.  

"Yeah Jay?" I replied, turning on my side to face him. 

  "Can you tell me what happened to your mom?" He whispered, his hand caressing my face "Only if you want" 

  "Yeah, I want to tell you. I've kept it bottled up all these years and I think it's time." I started, "She had cancer. I remember the day she told me. I couldn't stop crying. It was the worst thing in the world. Seeing her go threw all that pain and not being able to do anything was horrible. And towards the end, she started getting worse, and I was in math one day when they called me up to the office, and my first thought was "She's gone" and my dad picked me up and he had tears in his eyes, he didn't say anything, but I knew." I sniffled,grabbing a tissue of the side table and dabbing my eyes. "I was absent from school for a week and when I can back, it was hell. They would taunt me and torture me. They would make fun of my mom. God it was discussing. How can people do that?"  

"Baby, some people are just mean to fill a void in their hearts." He acknowledged, brining my face closer "Don't let them get to you."   

"I won't" I promised, giving him a quick kiss on the lips before getting up.  

"Noooo. Lay with me."he whimpered, putting his hands on my waist and bringing me back down. "Please" he pouted. 

  "Okay okay, l'll lay with you" I replied, laying back down and closing my eyes and pulling the blanket up to my chest. 

  "Goodnight beautiful" he whispered, wrapping his hand around my waist and nuzzling his head into my neck.         




Hi! Sorry this chapter sucks. I just wanted to have a quick update before school starts. Sorry again I wrote this chapter at 3 am while drinking orange juice so if there are any mistakes, I apologize.  

Instagram: Kidrauhls_Avon



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