Scarlett was ready to end it all, until the new boy showed up.


7. Chapter 7

"Justin's here" my dad said, poking his head threw the doorway as a finished my finishing touch ups.

"Okay I'll be down in a minute" I replied, checking my hair in the mirror, making sure there wasn't any fly aways. For once, I was actually pleased with how I looked. Walking out of my room, I headed for the stairs. Taking a deep breath to calm my emotions, I took a step down. Reaching the last few steps, I lost my balance and tripped down. Mentally preparing my self for a tragic fall, I was surprised to find a pair of arms wrap around me.

"Your such a klutz" a deep voice chuckled. Opening my eyes on at a time, I looked up to find the memorizing hazel eyes that always put a smile on my face.

"Thanks I have a degree in it" I joked, standing up and fixing my dress.

"God you look breathtaking" he said, a smile spreading across his face as he grabbed my hand and led me to the door. "Are you ready to have the time of your life?" 

"Your promising a lot here Justin, you sure you can live up to your expectations?" I asked.

"Trust me baby, I'm confident" he insisted, opening the front door, sending me a wink. 

"Wow your a little conceded" I jokingly said ,shivering as I stepped outside.

"You cold?" He asked. I nodded in agreement. Taking of his jacket and placing it over my shoulders. "Better?" He asked, wrapping and arm around my shoulder.

"Better" I said,smiling.


"You look beautiful Scar" he informed, rubbing his hand over my knuckles in a loving matter.

"You already said that Justin"I pointed out, feeling my cheeks heat up under his stare.

"I just felt like I needed to say it again" he smiled, bringing my hand up to his lips, giving a gentle kiss.

"You're amazing" I told him, diverting my gaze to him. "Plus, you're kinda cute" I smirked.

"I am not cute, I'm sexy" he corrected, turning his face to meet mine as we neared a red light.

"Whatever you say" I laughed, turning back around to face the road and closing my eyes.


"Right this way" Justin said, gently intertwine out hands and leading me somewhere. We walked in blissful silence, the sound of waves crashing in the background, indicating we were at the beach. "There's stairs here so be careful"

"Thanks for the warning. I wouldn't want to fall flat on my face." I laughed at the thought. 

"No we wouldn't" he agreed, putting his hand on my back and guiding me down the stairs. We only walked for another five minutes until he stopped. "We're here" he said, causing me to look up and be stunned by the sight in front of me. 

"Did you do all of this" I asked referring to the beautiful scenery in front of me.

"Yeah, I remembered you told me you loved orchids and twinkle lights. My mom helped a little" he said shyly, his dimples showing in the dim light.


"You seriously did that!" I exclaimed, laughing so hard, my stomach started hurting.

"Hey I was only five" he defended " and my cousin was incredible at manipulating people" he said, causing me to hunch over in laughter."What about you?Have you ever done something as embarrassing?"

"Once when I was ten, I was at the beach, and I was in the water, and I guess my bathing suit wasn't tied on tight" I explained causing him to chuckle, probably knowing where this was going." And I guess I didn't notice, so when I walked out of the water, the top of my bathing suit fell down" I confessed, my checks heating up as he started to howl with laughter. "That was one of the worst days of my life"

"What's the worst?" He asked, making me regret my recent statement.

"Um it was the day that my mom passed away" I whispered quietly, the thought of that day bring tears to my eyes.

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to bring her up" he apologized, scooting his chair closer to mine and wrapping his arms around me in a comforting matter.

"It's okay" I sniffled, hiding my face in the crook of his neck. "You smell good" I said, earning a chuckle from him.

"I try for you my lady" he confessed, grabbing my hand and helping me to my feet. "We are going on a walk" 


"You're so beautiful" Justin said, brushing my hair out of my face as we sat in the sand,listing to the waves. "Not just on the outside, on the inside too. You've been through so much and you came out a stronger person each time." Turing around to face him, I gently placed my hands on his face and brought his face closer to mine and kissed him. "Wow" he said, pulling apart, causing me to groan.
"Calm down there panther" he smirked.

"Your just such an amazing kisser" I confessed, laying my head on his chest and closing my eyes. "Tonight was perfect Justin, thank you"
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