Scarlett was ready to end it all, until the new boy showed up.


3. Chapter 3

 We walked out of the door and headed to our next class.   "What's your favorite color?" He asks, turning his head to look me in the eye.  

"Um, I guess blue" I said, unsure. "What about you?"  

"Purple. I've always loved that color" he said, tilting his head to the side and flashing me a smile.  

"Well here's our next class. His name is Barry Richards. But you call him Mr. Richards." I said, pushing the door open.  

"Is he any fun?" He asked.  

"Not even close" I said, taking my usual seat in the back.  

"Well now I'm excited" Justin replied, his voice dripping with sarcasm.  

"You should be" I said, teasing him.  

"Anyway, what's your favorite animal?" He asked, taking a seat beside me.  

"Defiantly pandas. Yours?" I replied.  

"Giraffes. Their necks are funny" he said with a small giggle causing my heart to melt.  

"I-" I started to say, before getting rudely interrupted by her.  

"OMG Justin your in this class too?" She asked with a dumb expression.   "Um yeah" he replied. "You should totally sit with us. I mean you don't want to be caught sitting next to this freak" she told, twirling her hair in-between her fingers.   

"Great the only person that has actually talked to me in the past year is going to leave. I mean I should have seen it coming. His tall, tan, and beautiful. Were I'm just short, pale, and ugly" my mind thought.  

"No thank you, I rather sit by her then you whores" he said, a smirk lying upon his face.  

"Ugh" Alissa said with a I-dont-give-a-damn-face, but you can obviously tell she gave a damn. Her and her "friends" all walked back to their seats, giving me a death glare on the way.  

"Why did you do that?" I asked him.  

"Why wouldn't I? They just barge in here like they own the place. Those type of people sicken me" he said, shaking his head.  

"Really?" I asked, not fully believing it.   

"Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?" He said, cocking he's head in confusion.  

"I mean like you seem like the type that would hang out with the popular girls" I replied.  

"Why would I seem like that?" He asked, clueless.

  " I mean look at you, you're funny, smart, athletic, and hot" I replied, not meaning to say the last part out loud.  

"You think I'm hot?" he questioned, smirking.  

"Um what no what no" I replied, my palms starting to sweat.   

"Yes you do" he mocked.

  "You know I really like the weather were having" I said, changing the subject.

  "I'll let it go this time scar" he said, winking.

  "Scar?" I asked, dumbfounded.  

"It's your new nickname" he said.  

"Ohhhhh, I like it" I told him.


Sorry I haven't updated in a while. School started and yeah. 3-5 comments for the next chapter?

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