Finally Meeting my Prince

Abby has always wanted to be able to meet her prince. She has always said to her friends that her prince was on his way and i had to wait for him. When she found out that Niall Horan from One Direction said that to she knew that he was meant to be her prince. Is she going to find her prince? Was she right that Niall is her prince after all?


3. the plane

We went back to the hotel  to pack so we could go home. I just finished packing I looked at my phone and I had a from Niall it said "Hey we just finished packing text me when yall are done so we can pick you up. Miss my princess!"

I went to go see if everyone was ready and when they were ready I texted Niall and said "Hey we are finally ready and I miss my prince see you in a few."

About five minutes later I heard a knock on the door I went and answered it and saw Niall he took some of my bags for me. We walked down to the van put my bags in the storage on top it. I said hi to the boys. After I said my hello's Niall said "Hey can I talk to you." as he pulled me aside

"Yeah what's up Niall"

"Look I talked to Camyrn and Bella and they both agreed that you seem that you aren't yourself, you can be yourself around us you know that right?" Niall explained to me

"Thank gooddness I don't know how much longer I could keep that up." I told NIall in reliegh

We walked back over to the van. We drove to the airport and on the way there we just laughed and had a great time. When we got on the plane I sat by Niall and Harry, Bella sat by Liam and Louie, and Camyrn sat by Zayn. Then I told Niall " I have to admitt I have never been on a plane before."

"Really well then the best thing to do is to look down at all the buildings."

When  I did the town looked really firmilar so I got on the intercome and asked the pilot " Where are we."

He told me "It is a small town called Loranger."

I told Niall " This is where I live " I pointed out mine and Bella's house, then Camyrn's house, and last I showed him my school.

He told me "It is a beautiful city and I would love to visit it!"

"Sure if you ever have time to with rehersals and everything." I told him

He asked " I will always have time for youand with that I have a question for you so umm...... I known we just meet yesturday but umm... I know you are my princess so will you be my girlfreind?"

" I kind of already thought we were dating but yes of course!"

Right after that we got off the plane with our hands intertwined!



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