Finally Meeting my Prince

Abby has always wanted to be able to meet her prince. She has always said to her friends that her prince was on his way and i had to wait for him. When she found out that Niall Horan from One Direction said that to she knew that he was meant to be her prince. Is she going to find her prince? Was she right that Niall is her prince after all?


2. talking to my prince

             I went up by the boys and noticed that Niall was looking at me. But then Zayn pulled me aside and said " Hey I figure you already know my name so I am going to skip that part. So what is your name?"

"My name is Abby" I told Zayn still a bit nervous but starting to get a little relaxed.

"Look Abby, Niall saw your sign and saw you and really thinks you are his princess he would like to get to know you better. But before I introduce you can go get whoever you came with then come back over here?"

I nodded then went to go get Bella and Camyrn from out of the line then went back to Zayn.

"Zayn, this is Camyrn, and Bella my best friend, and my sister."I say to Zayn introducing them when we got back to him.

"Well we have to do the meet and greet but I will introduce you to the boys after the meet and greet." Zayn explained to us with a smile.

After the meet and greet Zayn came back over to us with the boys and said "Hey boys this is Abby, Camyrn, and Bella." pointing to each of us.

They all said 'Hi' to us except for Niall he only said 'Hi' to Camyrn and Bella. So I went up to Niall and I guess I was  a little nervous because all I said was "I can"t believe my prince is in front of me." bitting my lip and blushing.

Then all he said back was "I can't believe my princess is in front of me." he says blushing himself.

Niall and I by the end of the day realised that we are perfect for each other and he told me that they were leaving tomorrow to go to New Orleans, but it is fine because we are from New Orleans, so we just moved our flight to when their's is and we are flying back together!


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