Finally Meeting my Prince

Abby has always wanted to be able to meet her prince. She has always said to her friends that her prince was on his way and i had to wait for him. When she found out that Niall Horan from One Direction said that to she knew that he was meant to be her prince. Is she going to find her prince? Was she right that Niall is her prince after all?


1. before the meet and greet

      "Abby,are you ready to go? I want to get there early so we can get in the front of the line." Camyrn said

"Yeah just let me tell Bella that we need to leave now." I said

I walked into Bella's room and said, "We need to leave now so we can get in the front of the line."

Bella came with me down the stairs and I grabbed my keys to my car because Bella didn't want to drive this time. It was our first time going to a meet and greet for One direction. We all love One Direction.

                                     * about ten minutes later*

              We made it to the meet and greet I took out my sign from the trunk and locked the car. We made it thirty minutes early. Everyone was getting there at the same time as us we still managed to get a really good spot in the line. Then finally the boys started to come out we started to scream. I saw Niall he looked at me and smiled then looked up at my sign. It read "Niall you are my prince."  Zayn nudged Niall as in telling him that they had to go.

             Right before the meet and greet started Zayn grabed a microphone and said "For one if a whole bunch of girls come up here we will never do this agian." then continued, " we saw a girl in line that had a sign that said 'Niall you are my price', we need you to come up here please."   When I heard that I completely stopped. Then realized that that girl was me! I went up there nervously.

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