Life After Tragedy

Sofia Mallery was only seven years old when she was kidnapped. Despite the odds, she survived and escaped 11 years later. Sofia struggles to go back to her ordinary ways and live life normally. She is no longer the little 7 year old girl she once was. Sofia has changed.


1. Prologue

     You know me. You know my name, you've memorized my face, and you've heard my story. But yet I am a stranger to you. 

      You and I are very different. You live and you breath peacefully. Meanwhile, I struggle to hold on to the last remaining threads of my life and gasp for petrified stale air. In no way are our lives alike.

     For eleven years I have been missing. For eleven years I hoped and I prayed for the protection and the savior that never came. But my pleas had never made it to God's holy ear. He had forgotten about me. 

     When I was returned to my mother, she cried out that my well being was a blessing from God. It was obvious to me that her tears blinded her from the undeniable truth. If my return home was truly and act of God I would have returned sooner. If there was a God at all this would have never happen to me. A true God would never allow such a sin to be done to an innocent child of his own. 

     God is a stranger to me.


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