The Angel of Death

The Professor is driven mad on his search for immortality, and Angelica is caught up in the action, becoming 'The Angel of Death'. Who will survive? WORD COUNT: 3916


4. Valide Unica

After several months or so of training, Angel was ready to carry out the plan he had created. He was going to have her create a catastrophic snowstorm, one that would kill thousands of people, possibly even wipe out mankind forever. The Professor wanted nothing less than the world to be at his beck and call; he would show them that he was right. He would make them pay for ridiculing him, mocking his discoveries. He was right and they were wrong.

            He had obtained a zeppelin, for a more classy approach to his malicious plans. He hacked into the networks of the main channels, ready for a dramatic introduction to the world. He set up the camera, and pulled Angel in her cage just out of shot of the camera, hoping that her near skeletal figure would scare them into believing she really was 'The Angel of Death'. He couldn't resist the title; enjoying the cliché she presented him with. He wanted the world to fear him; it had been the thing that Angel responded to best, the fear of the pain caused by having anything in her wing slots. The use of them as punishment or simply unprovoked sport had made them septic, giving a dull pain to Angel's mind, a pain that the Professor could avoid completely; pain is only in the mind after all.

            He pressed a few buttons and interrupted the normal viewings at 6pm. The screens when to static, then he appeared with a creepily calm smile.

            "Hello citizens," his voice was smooth and fluid like that of a politician or newsreader. "Today is the day we witness the end of human beings, to give rise to a new kind of humanity. Today is the day that I get my revenge, and you all die. If you try to shoot me down, I will make this girl-" He pulled Angel to the camera, imagining the gasps of people watching this on televisions everywhere, "-take the bullets. If she dies, you will never stop the snowstorm that is coming, if you find the race of other creatures that are like her, the Valide Unica, kindly send them up to me. We shall begin a new race, a new life on Earth, and you silly little humans will not get in the way of my plans this time. Not even the Government could stop me. Have a nice day," He grinned into the camera barrel, and turned the camera off, his hands shaking with adrenaline.

            "A different race?" Angel asked, ripping her arm free, a frown forming on her face. "You said that I was an angel from Heaven. You said I was unique, you-"

            He possessed her and shoved her hand into her back in one fluid motion, almost a reflex. She was on the floor in seconds with a scream. "I'm sorry!" She sobbed, hating this feeling, hating that man.

            "Do not question me, Angel. Follow the plan and I won't let you die." He said, his tone a low growl.

            "Ok." She gasped, feeling the relief when she could move her hand from her back again. He let her out of the cage, and made her walk to the door of the zeppelin, he possessed her absentmindedly, and she stepped out into the air, falling for a few minutes and then flying to a vantage point in the sky. She then allowed herself to become aware of the moisture in the air, freezing it and then pushing it into a giant cloud above her. She increased it, letting it grow until giant black clouds loomed on the horizon; she felt the weight on her shoulders, making her struggle to move it. She pulled it forwards, imagining a rope attached to it, and dragged it, setting it in motion. She flew over the town, and landed on one of the many skyscrapers, and allowed the cloud to release the snow. She breathed in deeply, not having tried to use her power on such a mass scale, but she couldn't let that stop her now. It was either the world or her eternal pain.

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