The Angel of Death

The Professor is driven mad on his search for immortality, and Angelica is caught up in the action, becoming 'The Angel of Death'. Who will survive? WORD COUNT: 3916


5. Snow

Suddenly, Angel felt a scorching heat burn her back, she cried out and quickly cooled her wings, covering them in a layer of ice. She turned around and was met with another fireball, she held her hand up and blocked it with a wall of ice, the flames vaporising it as the ice absorbed the fire. More flame balls were fired at her, which she blocked deftly, going on instinct rather than what she had been taught.

            "Show yourself you coward!" She called out into the storm, the snow falling in thick flakes around her, being thrown around by the wind, obscuring her view. A bolt of lightning struck the sky scraper next to her, making her jump.

            "What's wrong?" That man asked in her mind.

            "Someone's out there," She replied out loud.

            "Of course I am." A boy's voice replied in her head, Angel blocked her mind, fear taking over her. Then she felt she had her body back, completely free of that man.

            She realised what she'd done, and realised what she was doing; she was not going to kill everyone to satisfy a madman's need for revenge. "Hey flames warm it up yeah?" Angel called out into the storm, condensing the snow back into the clouds so no more would fall.

            "Don't you DARE block me out again!" The Professor screeched in her mind, possessing her once again and shoving her hand into the wing slots, making her scream in agony, falling to the floor. The owner of the mysterious voice landed on the roof, and watched her writhing in pain, confusion crossing his features.

            "FINE!" Angel howled, the Professor released her torturous grip, and she lay there for a second, trying to regain her composure. The boy came over and looked down on her, she closed her eyes and wrote 'help' in the snow next to her, the Professor apparently busy with working out how to make the world fall under snow the quickest.

            "How?" The boy asked quietly, putting two and two together in his mind as he observed his fellow Valide Unica. Angel wrote 'possessed' in the snow next to her, and pointed at herself, then wrote 'kill' and pointed upwards, towards the zeppelin that hovered in the sky.

            "Angel why isn't it snowing?" The Professor asked in her mind, she opened her eyes and looked up at the sky, the boy looked at her as if he had heard too.

            "Because I don't want to kill people." She spat angrily, standing up and taking off, beckoning to the boy to follow her.

            "You don't have a choice in the matter. Now make it snow." He growled, possessing her completely, making her summon the snow again.

            "I don't want to." She said firmly, trying to battle with him, the snow falling again, at a faster rate. "Zeppelin. Go." She said to the boy, he was about her age. He nodded and flew off on black wings.

            "I didn't want to have to do this again, Angel, but you leave me no choice." The Professor sighed, reaching her hands around to her wing slots, Angel braced herself, trying to resist but knowing it was futile. He made her plunge both hands in, the electric shocks burning her up. Impact. Screaming. Falling. Writhing. Agony. Darkness.

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