The Angel of Death

The Professor is driven mad on his search for immortality, and Angelica is caught up in the action, becoming 'The Angel of Death'. Who will survive? WORD COUNT: 3916


6. Revenge

The boy flew up to the clouds, above the cloud line, and saw the zeppelin; he glided over to it and punched a flaming fist through the glass. The Professor stood up alarmed. The boy sent flames everywhere, burning everything around the Professor.

            "What are you doing?! My life's work!" He cried.

            "You life's work is a sick little game," the boy spat. "What is this snow storm meant to prove? That you're better than everyone? You're the worst kind of human! You don't even see that you will prove nothing by killing everyone; who will listen?"

            "But I'm right! You can have immortality! You can make an angel fall! You can put them back into their body! I AM RIGHT AND THEY WERE WRONG!" He roared, launching himself at the boy, who was sickened by what he had done to that poor girl.

            Kicking. Punching. Smacking. Throttling. Falling. Thud.

            And that's how Professor died; launching himself at the boy with wings through the broken window, and falling to his death when the boy with wings let go.

            The boy returned to girl's side, removing her bloodied hand from her back, and burnt the open, septic wound. This done, he scooped her up and flew back to his home, a little hut on a beach in the middle of nowhere. He set her down on his bed, tucking her in, she grabbed onto his arm before he went.

            "Thank you." She murmured, he smiled.

            "Sleep well, Angel." He let her arm drop and walked out. Angel curled up in the first bed she'd slept in since her second birthday, and for once, she felt safe. Questions could come tomorrow. For now, she was free.

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