The Angel of Death

The Professor is driven mad on his search for immortality, and Angelica is caught up in the action, becoming 'The Angel of Death'. Who will survive? WORD COUNT: 3916


3. Possession

The Professor made it home, and carried her down to his basement, carving her open and embedding the magnet into her soul through her heart. He chanted the ritual spell, making it glow an eerie blue, which spread throughout her body, and then faded. He stitched her up, slightly annoyed that years of research had amounted to a quick moment, but he would soon be satisfied. While he waited for her to come round, he went into her mind and erased the memories of her kidnapping.  He then emphasised the feeling of helplessness and loss, planting the seed of the idea that death was the only solution.

            This done, he picked her up again, and got back into the car, driving to a local bridge. He lay her down on the pavement at the side, then drove off so that she was alone with her new thoughts. She woke up to be hit with the pain of losing her parents, the emptiness consuming her mind, her will. She looked to her side, seeing the rushing water below, getting lost in its flow. The idea came to her suddenly; she didn't have to feel this way. She could just end it all, see her parents again and live with them in the afterlife. It will be as if they had all just gone to work and they were just coming back to a slightly different new house. It could be just like it was before; peaceful, no pain.

            She stood up, and climbed the railings, standing on the edge of the barrier, holding onto the supports, ice patterns emanating from her hands. A small part of her cried out that this was not the only way out, that she could be happy again, that she was going to be ok.

            "I'm not going to be ok though am I?" She muttered to herself, looking at the water below, her vision blurred. She remembered the happy times with her family, birthdays, celebrations, the movie nights, the way she could tell them anything. She remembered her friend, all the laughs they had shared, the late night talks. None of that mattered now.

            She jumped. The river hurtled towards her, she splashed into it, allowing herself to sink below the surface and be pushed along by the current. She pushed all the air out of her lungs, closing her eyes, ignoring the urge to fight for her life. Darkness came over her thoughts, and she drifted off to death like she was falling asleep.

            The Professor waited downriver, a massive net cast out to catch her body.  She was soon caught in its embrace, and greedily hauled in by the Professor. He bundled her into the back of his car, driving off home again. He lay her on the alter in his basement, slicing her back open and finding what lingered there; wings. He pulled them out, rinsing the blood off them with a hose and stretching them so they could dry out. He could have fun with this coming back from the dead idea, he could convince her that she had fallen from Heaven, like a real angel. He also needed a way to control her; she was a feisty little victim. He thought for a moment, gathering the ingredients he needed for the next part of the ritual. Then came up with the perfect ploy; if she died she would feel the death for eternity, a horrible fate.

            He chuckled to himself, and went through the second phase of the ritual, bringing her back from the afterlife. Her body glowed blue again, and a shock of blue light exploded from her heart, knocking him off his feet. She sat up with a gasp, then coughed up the water she'd inhaled.

            "It worked!" The Professor exulted, standing up.

            "Where am I?" She asked, scared and confused, the alter chilling with a more powerful layer of ice. "How can I do that?" Her pitch notched up a level as she hopped off the alter, leaving a trail of footprints where her still damp feet touched the floor. She looked at the unfamiliar man, seeing a bloodied lab coat and a meticulously ironed suit beneath it. She backed to a wall, wanting to run away from him, knowing that somehow he had killed her.

            "Angel, it's ok." He soothed, taking a step closer to her. "You're a vital part of my research."

            "What research? What did you do to me?!" She yelled at him, ice creeping around the room, their breath coming out in wisps.

            "I dragged you out of Heaven," he lied. "You're now immortal, but if you are destroyed, you will feel that death for eternity."

            "Heaven?" She questioned, her cynical views still intact.

            "You're an angel," He stated simply, trying not to grin at the lie he was pulling on her.

It was then that Angel noticed the sensation of an extra limb... or two. She reached a hand round and felt something soft and silken. Feathers. She flicked the limbs round, wincing at the pain in her back. Wings. White wings like those of angels, but hers had a blue hue to them; a glint of ice. If this was the evidence he was going on, then how did she die?

            Then she remembered. Shattered, fragments of memories. She remembered her parents in a car crash. She remembered being at the top of a bridge watching the water below. Darkness. Then having various tools and sharp objects being jabbed into her heart. Then black followed by a blinding light, lightning and sickening falling. They hit her like a ton of bricks, blinding her, fear gripping her body with a paralytic jaw. She threw up to the side, long black hair falling in her face. She spat the taste out.

            "Why would you drag me back down? I was going to see my parents, I was going to be happy!"

            "Because I need you," he admitted, creeping closer. "I need you to help me complete my plans."

            "What plans?" Angel asked warily, he was in touching distance now. She wanted to throw up. Run away. Hide. Escape. "Tell me, what plans."

            "World domination," He announced grandly, grabbing her wrist and possessing her, savouring the thrill of power he got from it. Angel's mind struggled against him, but he pushed it back with ease, moving her limbs without her consent. He enjoyed the feeling of being split between two bodies, the way he could switch from one to the other. "But first things first, I need to make you stronger, and if you disobey me..." He pushed Angel's hand into one of the scars he'd created to get her wings out, allowing her to return to her body to feel the crippling pain. She screamed and her knees buckled under her, electric shots scattering through her body, leaving a feeling of red-hot heat behind in her muscles, making them cramp. She felt like she was on fire.

            "Please-" She choked out, "stop!" He possessed her and removed her hand from her back for her, reinforcing his point that she was not in control of herself anymore; her body was his.

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