The Angel of Death

The Professor is driven mad on his search for immortality, and Angelica is caught up in the action, becoming 'The Angel of Death'. Who will survive? WORD COUNT: 3916


1. Laughter

Note To Self:

Step one: Find a member of the Valide Unica. Signs that they are of this race; they have extraordinary abilities, usually telepathic.

Step two: Learn how to use satanic rituals and possess other organisms, and master the art of telepathy.

Step three: Create a spell to make immortality possible, on this race first, then find ways to make this possible on the human race.

Step four: Present it to the government research department.

--The Professor

This was his plan, meticulously thought out, researched and hours upon hours of hard toil stretched into years. Eventually, he had found enough data to make this possible, and was stood in front of a projector after his presentation of his findings. The stony faced board of government researchers looked back at him with disbelief. Their thoughts echoed through his mind all at once in a big chattering mass that was indecipherable.

            "What are your thoughts ladies and gentlemen?" He asked eagerly, holding onto his unwavering hope for his plans.

            "Well... It's all very well and good to convince us that satanic rituals actually work, and that you aren't actually completely insane. But even if this were to work, how would you manage to make killing people and dragging them out of Heaven -if it really exists- ethical?" Asked the board leader, Eric Croft.

            "Because it would make them immortal; man's dream come true. Everyone wants to live forever."

            "I personally don't." One man replied. "I'd rather try and live this life to the full and do something memorable so my life would be remembered in history."

            "I personally think you're insane." A woman stated, and the room erupted in laughter.

            "FINE! I'll show you you're all wrong, I will create a superhuman race, and I will wipe out humanity forever!" He cried, and stormed out of the room, back to his home.

            Rejected and angry, he went straight to the files of the possible people that would be Valide Unica, and traced down the family trees for the rest of the night. He came across Eric Croft's daughter, Angelica, a likely suspect. He grinned to himself; revenge was going to be easier than he thought.

            For the next few months he kept watch over their house, and learnt their routine. He tracked their emails and other forms of communication, learning the ins and outs of their lives. Then, a fortunate opportunity arose; the Croft's anniversary, in which they would be going to a restaurant over a cliff, a shame if a landslide happened to crush their car and leave their daughter unprotected... The Professor thought to himself with a wicked smile, he drove to the most likely spot that landslides were to occur, and set dynamite into the rocks, waiting to be detonated. Later that evening, the happy couple drove right into his trap, he pulled the trigger.

            Laughter. Swerving. Crashing. Tumbling. Crushing. Silence. The car landed at the bottom of the cliff, a crumpled mess, as if they were no more than a piece of paper, scrunched up and thrown carelessly off the cliff. The Professor drove off immediately, and went back to his home, preparing the various potions and chemicals for his spell.

            The idea was simple; implant the Trahere, (a magnet type device), make the victim sacrifice themselves, then activate the spell and their soul would be dragged back into their body. Technically, they would be the living dead, thus making them immortal.  He was using a Valide Unica because he didn't know if it would work on normal human beings, so he was going to use this mutated version of mankind in case something went wrong. He was going to get his revenge on the government board, and Angelica was his key to that.

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