My Princess.

This is about Niall meeting his princess and living the life he dreamed but is it all it seems when things take a turn for the worst? TO FIND OUT READ MY SEXY NINJAS!!!
P.S sorry about the sexy ninjas if you find that offensive I am not trying to hurt your feelings! love you all!!! xx


3. The Hospital AGAIN!!!!




All the girls screamed but 2 and then suddenly one of the girls grabbbed the others arm and then that girl looked terrified. She said to the girl that grabbed her arm "  Y/N, fight it, dont let it happen now please, dont, just fight it." Then suddenly she laid y/n (im guessing that is her name) on the ground and rumage through her bag. I wondered what was going on then the girl pulled a needle out and stabbed it into y/n right leg. I shouted are you okay asked as I ran to them, then her eyes closed. 

      end of flashback



 I woke up in the recovery room, I know this room very well. Sometimes when I hear a high pitched, loud noise, my brian stops functioning properly causing random things to happen which I cant control or remember. I looked next to me to find a blond boy with his head in his hands. I did not recognise him, then again I could not see his face. " Escuse me, pardon my manners but... may I help you?" as sooon as I spoke he looked up. So many questions were flying around in my brain like.... why is he here? which is the main question. " Your up.... one minute let me get the nurse and I will explain when I come back in, okay? " His accent made me smile like a goof. " okay " i replied sweetly. I sat up in my bad and waited for the nurse and for the young (gorgous) lad to come back. After a couple of seconds they did. They doctore checked my temppature... etc.

" you seem to be fine y/n as usal, well after this has happened, you know the drill. 2 hours and the you get to go home if everthing checks out." "Thanks Byran." I said as he left the room saying "bye, take care love." Me and Byran go back a while he was my  dads best mate and basically family to me. I always called him uncle bryan even tho I knew he was not my uncle. " ssoooooooo......." I said breaking the awkward silience between me and him. (the boy) " I am y/f/n" I held out my hand for him to shake it. " I am Niall Horan, nice to meet you" he said in his heavy accent. We shook hands and we bothed blushed. Then Abby had to come storming in yelling my name to stop and iterrupt the perfect moment. Typical Abby!!!

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