My Princess.

This is about Niall meeting his princess and living the life he dreamed but is it all it seems when things take a turn for the worst? TO FIND OUT READ MY SEXY NINJAS!!!
P.S sorry about the sexy ninjas if you find that offensive I am not trying to hurt your feelings! love you all!!! xx


4. OMG!


  I can't believe Abby did that, well I can it aint the first time, like once was getting along with someone I dont usally get along with and then she interrupted and we dont even talk any more (me and that person not me and abby). We let go of each others hands both blushing." do you want me to come back later, i don't want to intrude?" she said in a posh accent which was terrible. " It is fine Abby, Abby this is Niall, Niall this is Abby." Abby's face shot up when she seen his face as he was looking down after she came storming in.


Me, Abby and Niall spoke the whole time then Abby's dad came and picked her up and Niall offered me a lift home and of course I accepted.



  She is just amazing, we have so much in common and she has something in common with all the boys. She loves to draw like zayn. She loves toy story like liam. She loves carrots like louis. She adores cats like harry and me and her have plenty in common like our love for Nandos.

" Do you want to meet the boys?" I asked nervously asnd she could tell I was nervous and giggle. " Of course, I would be delighted to meet the boys." she said in a posh accent which was a lot better than her friend, Abby's attempt earlier.

We arrivied at my flat. The boys were here. We had trust so we all knew where the other kepped the spare key just in case of emergences and because we are all to bloody lazy to answer the door so it is in case it is locked. We came in and all the boys turned round at the same time and smiled ear to ear at the same time, it was super freaky. " Hey Nialler, who u got wid ya?" Louis asked like a little girl. " This is y/n everybody!" I said proudly. She blushed as all the boys raced to hug her first. She was so cute when you blushed and giggled and even cuter when she did it at the same time. I think I have feelings for her, but I only just met her so I am not taking things too fast, I don't want to scare her. " Hey your the girl that Niall helped after the concert the other night!" Louis is so clueless and slow. Liam simply the slapped his palm against his head and shook it whiles tutting. Ooohhhh Lou, you crack us up sometimes. Everyone was laughing/giggling at this point. There was a knock at the door so I answered it. It was Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie. (A/N I know Danielle and Liam don't go out anymore but they are still good friends and they still hang out so she is in here) Good timing. y/n can meet the girls. They walked in and looked at y/n then back at me smiling. I explained to them what had happened and then they introduced them selves to y/n and they got on straight away. I can tell they are going to be good friends.

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