My Princess.

This is about Niall meeting his princess and living the life he dreamed but is it all it seems when things take a turn for the worst? TO FIND OUT READ MY SEXY NINJAS!!!
P.S sorry about the sexy ninjas if you find that offensive I am not trying to hurt your feelings! love you all!!! xx




  I think I wil ask her today. I am going to ask her out on a date. Proper date, just the two of us. I found out she does not like going to fancy restaurants that much so I have dicieded to take her by the private lake, which is beautiful (just like her) and have a picnic. I hope she says yes.



  I have dicieded, if Niall does not ask me out, then I will ask him. I can't bare the fact that he is not mine. I really like him I just hope he likes me back and in the same way. Yay! I have finally arrived at the studio, it is now or never. " We need to talk" me and niall said in unison (same time if you did not know what unison meant.). I giggle a little bit had so did he. I followed Niall down the hall and into an empty room. " before you say anything, I need to ask you something..........." he said before I had a chance. It was silence for a couple of seconds. " what would you like to ask me."  " I wondered if you wanted to go on a date with me, tonight?" He said. I could tell he was nervous. " really? ..... " I was totally confused. It was the same question I was going to ask him. " if you don't want to, don't worry about it, actully just forget I asked" he said disapointted. It sounded like he was about to cry. "wait! I still have to ask you......... I wanted to know if you wanted to go on a date with me tonight? But as you beat me to it. YES!!!!!! OR COURSE I WILL GO ON A DATE WITH YOU!!!" I yelled. His face looked completely stunned. I jumped in to his arms and hugged him, he did not hesatate to hug back, not even a split second.


  I heard y/n yell so I went to see what it was about. Niall and y/n was hugging. They looked so cute together. I quickly took a picture and ran. I was going to put it on twitter but then I decieded not to in case y/n gets hate which I did not want. I care too much. I love her, but more like a sister, a best friend in the whole world actully. Me and her were really close even though we have not know each other for long, I think I will just wait for them to come back and wind them up with the picture instead. Yay! That sounds like fun!!!!!!

* one hour later *

" louis stop. no one wants to see that!" y/n screamed as I ran in to the room where the boys were her close behind me I gave Harry my phone and as it got passed around everyone said awe. Niall was the last to see it and he simply said " I think we look cute together" y/n blushed like mad.  And I know that is why Niall said it, but he was right they did look cute togehter.


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