My Princess.

This is about Niall meeting his princess and living the life he dreamed but is it all it seems when things take a turn for the worst? TO FIND OUT READ MY SEXY NINJAS!!!
P.S sorry about the sexy ninjas if you find that offensive I am not trying to hurt your feelings! love you all!!! xx


6. It is official


  Me and Niall have been dating now for a few months, and it is time to make it official. We agreed on a twitcam, more like Niall said twitcam and begged me to agree and I finallly gave in.


y/n finally gave in to doing a twitcam. we were goiong to make our relationship official by saying in an interveiw but I judt can't wait. I want the world to know that I have found my princess and that if they hurt her feelings they hurt mine and that is not being a directioner and plus they don't know her so I don't want them judging her. I quickly posted on twitter that I am doing a twitcam and that it is super important and that you can't miss it. There posted. We started the twitcam and first comment posted was ' Is that your princess Niall, did you finally find your princess?' I grinned ear to ear at that comment and so did y/n. "Yes, this is my princess, Princess y/n" "and he is my prince!" she said with a (CUTE) goofy grin. We spoke for awhile on twitcam and then said bye cuz we were both tired. We fell asleep on the sofa in eachothers arms whiles watching a film.

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